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I Miss My Wolfy Love...

So, Tim went back to Vancouver on Wednesday of this past week. I missed him even before he left. >.< But it was a nice four days spent for our anniversary, even if the first two days after having to put Barkley to sleep were kind of rough. I’m very grateful that Tim was there for me, because I don’t know how I would have dealt with things otherwise.

But four days of comfort and love = very good. We had to run around a bit – I had a doctor’s appointment on the Monday, which turned into a nice trip downtown where we met up with Solon and had lunch at a Vietnamese place. Then on Tuesday I had to take Zena into Gemini K9 Obedience for her graduation class of her advanced off-leash course. She passed with flying colors, and Tim even recorded it on his camera phone! ^^ I was so thrilled! Now I have videos of Zee doing her obedience! :) Also, Tim got me a cell phone for Christmas, which also has a camera on it, so now I can take photos and videos as well! Yay!!

Afterwards, Tim helped me trace in permanent marker the outlines of a drawing I did for a mural that I will be painting on the obedience school’s wall, in exchange for Zena’s next course, which will be protection/alarm dog training.

Other than that, we just spent time relaxing, watching movies, and enjoying being around each other. Very relaxing and recuperating visit, though I wish it had been longer. Just like when I went to visit Tim in Vancouver a few months back… only five days, and not enough time to do everything. O.o While I was there, Tim took me to some really good restaurants, and again we spent a lot of time watching movies. We are such movie freaks. ;)

Though I think the highlight of that trip was going for a walk in the park. Now, when Tim said “park,” I thought he meant like the types of parks we have here in Toronto. I had no clue he meant, like… the freaking WOODS in the middle of a city. O.o It’s literally like you’ve just stepped into the middle of nowhere wilderness. And there are tons of squirrels! A little baby gray squirrel jumped out at us at one point, and ran straight for my foot, and sat there with its paw on my shoe, looking up at me for food! Tim nearly jumped four feet in the air. It was priceless. ;) Though after a while, seeing like six or seven squirrels all huddled around you watching your every move gets a bit unnerving. O__O

photo in the park

I absolutely loved visiting a city where you look up and see mountains! And there are actually still trees visible, and the air isn’t smoggy – I could actually breathe in Vancouver! I totally can’t wait to live there! And when I first got to Tim’s apartment, he had a bouquet of red rose waiting for me. So sweet! ^^ By the end of my trip there, all of the roses had started to kind of wilt, all for the one right in the center, which was still quite red and still blooming. :)


I’m feeling much happier since Tim’s visit. And also, we are now officially engaged, as Tim respectfully asked my mom for my hand in marriage. *blushes and sighs happily* Things are feeling much better, like I’m finally going in the right direction. I’m nowhere near as anxious about relationships as I have been in the past, and I can’t wait until I can finally just move and get all settled.


I’ll be heading to Michigan on the 23rd with Tim, to visit his parents for Christmas, and then coming back on the 29th. Then on the 30th we are renting a moving truck, and moving most of my things into temporary storage, until we’re actually able to buy our house, and get settled, which will depend on whether or not Tim gets picked up for next season of Battlestar or not. Either way, I have to have all of my stuff packed up before the end of the month, as well as wrap up Anthrocon commissions. Tim will be staying at my place for New Year’s, and then he’ll be back off to BC, and I won’t see him again until sometime in March. >.< Boo. Oh well… all in good time.

I am a sleepy wolf. Bedtime now. Nighty. ^^ *wags*
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