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Happiness Is...

Nothing quite like playing tire-tug with a big ol’ bully. ^__^ One of Leo’s favorite games.

tire toy

head tilt


I will be mailing out some finished badges next week. Theome, if you’d like your badge mailed to you, please e-mail me your mailing address! :-P Art-wise, things are still moving a bit slower than I’d like, due to Life. Ideally I’d like to have most of my AC commissions wrapped up by the New Year.

In other news, I have started packing up my room a bit here and there, and also trying to find new homes for two of my dogs before I move. If anyone who reads my LJ knows of anyone in the greater Toronto area who is interested in adopting two mature Husky crosses, (ages 7 and 8 years, they can go together or separately) please send them my way!!
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