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Woohoo!! Half way there! Go Team, go! ^__^

From the DLCC:

Since last week, when the Banned Aid Coalition put out the plea for donations,55,600 has been raised.

This leaves a total of 54,400.00 yet to be raised.

The Government of Ontario has used every trick in the book to break the backs of the five organizations that signed on as equal partners in this legal case.

The Ontario government never figured on just how passionate we are about our dogs and our rights as Canadians.

We will never roll over and play dead. Our dogs do that.

For them we stand and we fight.

Current Financial Standing

Monies paid

Paypal 7,200.00

The Entry Line $1,500.00

Alaskan Malamute Club of Canada $1000.00

Halifax Kennel Club $1000.00

Hub City KC $300.00

Atlantic Terrier Association $100.00

Pine Ridge KC 500.00 .

I heard this event of some 250 entries was an all out success and the first ever weekend of BSL focused fundraising by a Kennel Club!

Another $1,100.00 in donations were collected by Lynda Torrance and Harold Butler !!

· Contributors included Gerona McQuaig,
· the Colmar Show Services (they also guarded the money jar at Pine Ridge!).
· Thanks also goes to the professional handlers: William Alexander gave a days worth of fees and Jennifer McAuley donated 100.00.
· Karin Klouman gave 50.00
· The Dog Judges Association of Vancouver Island dug deep and gave a further 100.00 with one of their members digging even deeper giving a further 50.00.
· To Bob Whitney and all the wonderful folks of the Pine Ridge Kennel Club our deep and warm thanks to you all for such an outstanding effort on behalf of all our dogs in Canada.

Sovereign Rottweiler Club $300.00

Lloydminster, AB - $500.00

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club pledged 20,000.00 for this week coming

GHAPBTC 800.00

DLCC 12,600.00

Dawne Deeley 10,000

Marc and Correen Pacht, $200 US

Doug Belter, has donated $100 US
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