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I Hate Ignorance...

WHY do people insist on making my life more difficult than it needs to be? Why do I always need to be the bad guy in stoopid situations? I'm getting so sick of people's dumbass whining, I could just spit acid. >.<

I got an e-mail a couple of weeks ago from some guy who was a fan of my artwork. Very nice little e-mail, filled with compliments. So naturally I replied in my usual cheery way, saying thank you and so forth. I like meeting new people, it's always nice to meet new fans, and possibly new friends. And I got another reply, asking to exchange messenger names, which I was fine about. My messenger contacts are made public, right here in my Live Journal info.

So I was on AIM today, and this person (not naming names, for his sake) decided to say hi to me. Fine, I say hi back, all friendly like. Y'all know me, I'm always nice and cheerful with people. Course, my cheeriness started to switch more to, "um... kay... wait a minute here..." when he started going into how he wished that I was his (this was not even 5 minutes after the initial IM). I started backing away even more when I found out that he was only 17. I thought, great, a 17-year-old kid has a crush on me... okay, that's not so bad. I'll take it as a compliment.

Kept on talking, cos he hadn't done any harm so far. But he started getting really persistent with the "I wish we would date, you should give me a chance." I asked him how could he have feelings for me when he didn't even know me? He replied, "well that's why we should date, to get to know each other better." I told him that's not how relationships work. You don't just date someone you know nothing about. You start off as friends, see if anything clicks, if you get along and like each other a lot, then you consider dating. I also told him *nicely* that I wasn’t interested, because I’m already kinda involved with someone anyway. To which he just got all upset over and sighed and pulled the depressed poor little me crap.

Not wanting to seem rude, I tried lifting him up a bit, and I told him it's not so bad. It's not worth getting upset over, there are plenty of other fish in the sea, and we probably live too far away from each other anyway. It just wasn't very realistic to expect a sudden relationship, but I told him that I wouldn't object to being his friend. More sobs and sighs and whines about how he now wanted to end his life!

Okay now... there are just certain things you do NOT start with da Jessie. The "I'm going to kill myself because I can't get what I want and no one loves me" crap is at the top of my list of shit you don't pull with me. And so suddenly I went from nice to blunt. And I told him, don't start that bull... I have WAY too much to deal with, and I already have a good friend I've been trying to help when he tried to kill himself... I can NOT handle that shit. I blatantly told him he was being unreasonable, and although sure it's flattering that he's got a little crush, a relationship was just not feasible. But again, I said (although I don't know why I even bothered at that point) that I'd be willing to be his friend, and asked him to please calm down.

To which he responded, "walks away and listens to the birds chirping."

What... the... fuck? I said, "Fine. Be that way. I was trying to be nice and give you a chance. Sorry, but I don't deal with such ignorance." And I blocked him. I have NEVER had to block anyone from my AIM list before. And I hate to seem rude, but he really upset me! >.< How can people BE so damn selfish?? Now he's probably going to start spreading some bullshit about how much of a bitch Jessie T. Wolf is... I'm almost expecting something like that to start circulating. :/ *flicks her ears and sighs*

Blah... makes my head just wanna explode. >.
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