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NEW PUPPY!!! *heart!* ^__^

Alright, time for an update!

I have once again dropped off the face of the earth for a little bit… mostly just been busy with taking care of dog rescue stuff. For those who were wondering about my last post, Bacardie has found a good home, but it turned out that two new Pitties had been brought into the London pound, also both very young and well-tempered. So, the past two weeks have been trying to make arrangements to get them out of the pound before they were both killed. Special thanks to Lois at Animal Aide and her volunteer who drove both dogs three hours to Toronto in order to save them!

Also, thanks *very* much to jaxxblackfox and centrifuge_xeno, who have taken in the young brown-brindle female Pit, Taffy. BIG thanks especially to Cent for agreeing to do the trial with her… I hope that everything works out with you guys, and if not for whatever reason, still thanks for offering to at least foster and try to find a new home, if it comes down to it. The main point is that this pretty girl is now safe, and no longer in danger of being euthanized.

I ended up with the young male, a tan and white AmStaff named Leo. I gotta say I was really taking a chance at bringing in this dog, especially not knowing anything about his history and not knowing if he was even dog-aggressive or not. It turns out that Leo is an *extremely* beautifully tempered dog. The pound thinks that he’s maybe only a year old. He definitely has that puppy floppiness and goofy traits, though he is a big, strong boy! He is all but-wiggles and paws! He is also just a bit calmer than Taffy, thoughtful, with very soft and intelligent eyes.

He is also exceptionally well trained for a dog that was picked up as a stray!! He knows come, sit, down, stay, and shake a paw. He walks and heals very nicely on a leash. Whoever owned him before obviously took the time to train him. Unfortunately they also didn’t follow the new Pit Bull Ban’s Law, as he was un-neutered, no collar or tags, and no microchip. No kind of identification whatsoever, and even after fourteen days in the pound, no one came to claim him. I’m very surprised! O.o

He takes treats very gently, and so far I’ve been feeding him his dinner straight from my hand, because I want to rule out any food/possession aggression issues. I also tested him with toys and large bones to see if I can take them away without any problems, and so far he has been very good about that as well. No growls or possessive traits that I can see, but I’ll still be keeping a close eye on him. He does have a tendency to mouth at your arm and fingers when he’s rolling around and playing, so I’m working on getting him out of that habit, as I don’t want him learning to use his mouth on people AT ALL!! He is very smart though, and picks up on what behavior you like or dislike from him rather quickly.

Also, there have been no problems with Leo and my other dogs, no fights. About the worst thing he’s done so far is just tried to hump everyone (even though he was neutered only a few days ago). ;) He is on probation though, and so he doesn’t go anywhere around the house without either his muzzle on, or a leash tied to my waist. He does have a very strong prey drive when it comes to the cats, so he’ll need to go to a home where there are no other small animals.

He needs his last booster shots, Revolution, and microchipping by mid-September, and then he will be all ready to be put up for adoption. First is just the month temperament testing, so that I know what to tell people who are interested in adopting him. Naturally I’ll be screening people very closely, as you can’t be too careful these days who you give a Pit Bull to. I want to make sure that Leo gets the best home that he possibly can, but at least he no longer has a clock ticking over his head. Poor boy. I can’t believe anyone would have lost him!! He is wonderful! Pics of the pretty boy below. :)

Leo Smile

Leo Looking Down

Leo Profile

Leo Gentle Eyes

P.S. I have not forgotten about the folks who I still owe badges and commissions to. All badges will be done by mid-September, since I’ll be going away to Vancouver for a few days and I want all of my work to be done. Full-character commissions taken on at Anthrocon will be done before Midwest Furfest in November. I will most likely not be taking on any more commissions at MFF this year. I need a vacation. :-P I will do my best to keep you all posted!
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