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Pit Bull In Need Of Home, FAST!

So, as a new member of the Dog Legislation Council of Canada, I am passing along this message, in the hopes that maybe someone out there can help. Anyone out there know of anyone looking to adopt a young dog? Detaru, I know that you were asking me a while back if you should get another Pittie (sorry for the passing of your companion…). Orca, you’re a Pit enthusiast… know anyone who might be able to help? Just a shot in the dark, but the more it can get spread, the more possibilities there are. This poor dog only has until this Sunday. I’m sure that shipping internationally could be arranged somehow. Just thought I’d put this out there! Thanks for reading!

“Please cross post and see if we can make this work. Contact Lois @ London/St. Thomas area


Here is a picture of the new pitbull at the pound. She is absolutely gorgeous!!
Her name is Bacardie, she is about 2 yrs old, looks like she has been bred.
She is super friendly, cries when left, meets and greets well, clean in her cage, happy tail.
She has a soft gaze, no fear or hesitation, very balanced.

The story is that she was left abandoned in a crate in a vacated apartment.
She seems to be in good health, a little redness or rash...stress/allergies/? Nothing serious or extreme.

Bacardie has until Sunday July 23rd for adoption/rescue. Can anyone help this girlie?


Help find me a home!
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