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Back From AC!

Heya peoples! Just a quick update here, to let everyone know that I am indeed back home and safe after this past convention trip. I must say that Anthrocon did indeed rawk this year. The convention area was absolutely HUGE, and although it was a bit of a pain getting to and from the Dealer's room from the hotel with a crapload of art supplies, overall it wasn't all that bad. :) I would make a late con report, but to be honest, the con went by so quickly that I would probably miss a lot of highlights. Though I will mention that I did run around in fursuit for the first time ever, and I had an absolute BLAST! latinvixen02, you have seriously hooked me onto fursuiting for life! ;) I am so totally thrilled with the Jessie Suit, and I can't wait to get some more suits made from you in the future! :)

Quick shout-outs to my friends, those I got to hang with, and those that I unfortunately didn't get to spend as much time with as I would have liked:

Iron Raptor, Pat The Fox, Skan, Aubri, Warphammer, Gir, Torrle, Rex Wolfe, Scully Raptor, Fossil, Babs, Zen Fox, Frisket and Nall, The German Furs (Tani, BBF, Cheetah, Jaryic, Nightfox, the other dude who's name I didn't catch... O.o *blush!*) Aura and Rob, Blue, Huskie, Latin Vixen, Lizbeth, Kranos, Gideon, Orca, Fire Eyes, Likeshine, Patches, Kigeni, Garr, Jaie, Tallyhawk, Prismo, Aubrin, Delphi, Silver, Cass Rising, Nauta, Gravis, Blaire Kanine, Mr. Okapi fursuit dude, Uncle Kage (I hope you got your sketchbook back safely!!! O__O) and... I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch more, but if I ran into you and said hi and we chatted, then hello to you too, and hope to see you at next Anthrocon (or MFF, if you'll be there, cos I know I will be)!

Also... I am still waiting to hear from some people who commissioned me at my table! If you happen to read my LJ, could the following people please send me an e-mail, with their character description to: wlfdog @

Tevon - you bought a one-character fully colored commission from me. I need your info, please.

Nanashi - I know I did that Aspher commission for you a while back, but I don't think I have your e-mail anymore. Please contact me!

The rest are folks who commissioned large cutout, laminated badges from me, who I have yet to hear from:

Twitch Wolf


Kurt Batz



Val Bloodfox

If the following people do read my LJ, or if anyone reading my journal knows how to get a hold of these folks, please let me know! Thank you. :)
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