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I went to see my family Doctor this morning about my sore throat, since it's going on the fourth day now and not very much has improved at all, and it appears that I'm not sick after all. Well, not the common type of things that you'd expect. I don't have a cold or flu, and I don't have strep throat like I had started to wonder about. I have no swollen glands, and Dr. Jose said that my throat didn't look red or swollen at all. I don't have much congestion at all, other than the usual mild stuffiness that I have on a regular basis from living in a house with 40 cats. O.o He asked how I've been sleeping, and I said not too badly... I mean I wake up a few times a night and toss a bit, but over all I think I've been sleeping okay. I don't feel overly tired or anything.

He moved my head from side to side, and up and down and asked if it hurt, and where exactly was the pain coming from. I said that it hurt mostly along the sides of my neck. My muscles felt very stiff and bruised. Then he asked me if I had been under any stress lately. I said yes, come to think of it. He then said that the symptoms I described were ones that have been linked to stress in other patients he's seen in the past. He says they've described the same extreme soreness when swallowing, headaches, and what feels like a ball stuck in their throat, and feelings of pressure and swelling, even though there are no physical signs of such things.

So I'm thinking now, stress eh? Cripes. It's amazing what types of things stress can do to your body, but this is just friggin' ridiculous. O.o Though it would explain just why everything I've tried to get rid of this hasn't worked. I've done everything from taking cold and flu medication, to gargling with salt water, inhaling steam with Vix Vapor Rub in it, downing Lysine, eating oranges, drinking hot tea, sucking on cough candies. Nothing works. -.- Or if it does work, it works for about an hour, and then I'm in agony again (and thank you very much to those of you who offered suggestions to help get rid of my sore throat... I really appreciate it!!).

Dr. Jose prescribed me some medication to help relax my body, which he said I should take maybe an hour before I go to bed, and it should also help me sleep. The medication is called Nortriptyline, and he said it's usually used as an anti-depressant, but can also be used for treating pain and to help relax the body. So we'll see if this stuff helps any. I hope so, because I so don't want to feel like a bullfrog anymore! O.x
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