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Back From Vegas!

So, I are back from Las Vegas. Tim had to do an animation training seminar there, and so I tagged along for fun and support. I will say that Las Vegas is just how they show it in the movies. Yup. Lots of noise, lots of lights, lots of cigarette smoke, and about a million and a half casinos. And no, I didn’t do any gambling. :-P

It was an interesting trip, to say the least. I liked the different hotels that were amazingly decorated. Loved all of the different themes, like New York New York, and Paris Paris, and the Belagio. The Belagio was very pretty. ^^ And the MGM Grand hotel is friggin’ HUGE!! O.x Very pretty big gold lion at the front of the building, too. :)

Aside from the sight seeing, there actually wasn’t a whole lot to do… unless you like casinos, which I don’t really. Tim and I spent the first day lounging around outside by the pool, which was very nice. And the roller coaster at NY, NY was very cool. I wanted to do the Star Trek Experience, but we had to leave early that night because one of the people in our group got sick (which was kind of blah, since I had gotten food poisoning the previous night while we were out as well, and had to call it an early night). But we got to eat in a restaurant that looked like the inside of the ship, and they had people walking around as various Star Trek characters, and entertaining the diners.

We also spent quite a few hours in the Hard Rock Café. I do like that place’s atmosphere, and music videos kept me entertained while everyone else talked about 3D stuff which I have only a very little bit of knowledge of. :-P I really also liked the buffet at the hotel we were staying at! I wish I could eat that much all the time. ^__^

The animation training classes lasted two days, and were about eight hours each day, with Tim and Larry Shultz both teaching at two-hour intervals. I tried hard to pay attention, but found myself falling asleep every now and then because I’m not used to sitting still and staring at a screen for four hours at a time. O.x But the training went extremely well, and we got to meet a lot of really nice people who are into the animation and special visual FX business. It was a good experience. :)

Tim also made the trip on the plane a bit less scary for me by bringing along his PDA full of movies. :} *hates flying in planes… ish scary*

When we got back to Toronto, I had to go to a photo-shoot the following morning. The hair salon next to my clinic was looking for volunteers to get their hair done for free and participate in a photo-shoot, to help with advertising their salon. The lady I knew from the shop had to close it down for a few months because of legal issues she was having with her last business partner, and so now that she is back up and running, she wanted to create her own, original advertising through posters, pamphlets, flyers, and website design. She flagged me down one afternoon while I was on my way to work asking if she could do my hair, and I said sure. Thought it might be fun to get all dolled up for a day, especially after the Vegas trip. :)

When Tim and I got there at 9 am, they immediately started on my hair. I find it odd that people gush about how amazingly curly my hair is, yet guess what they decided to do with it? Straighten it!! They were following some Tyra Banks hairstyle that they clipped out of a magazine. Half an hour later there were about eight other girls, and student makeup artists all squeezing their way into the salon. Each girl had a specific hairstyle picked out for her, and a lot of them came out extremely beautiful!

After my hair was mostly done, I had my makeup done, complete with fake eyelashes, (I remember when we had to do volunteer makeup gigs in my Special FX Makeup class as stuff to add to our portfolio, and this was the case with these three students, who were all very nice) and then I had to slip into a couple of different dresses. After they did finishing touches with my hair, it was off to get my photos taken.

The photographer was this 60-year-old Queen, extremely dramatic, and sometimes a bit intimidating. He did his best to try and make you feel comfortable at the beginning of the shoot, but would quickly get frustrated when the girls weren’t posing the way he wanted them to. I guess he forgot that we were just volunteers from the neighborhood, not professional fashion models! O.o But the photo session went by quickly enough, and when the hair-stylists were finished with the girls, they had a little bit of time left over to play with Tim’s hair too! :-P His is just as curly as mine is, and he was curious as to how his would look straightened as well. I think he pulls off straight hair pretty well! :) Though he reminds me a lot of Ozzy Osbourne in the pics we got taken together. ;)

I SO do not look like myself. It was a fun experience, but I don’t think I’d ever do this on a regular basis. I usually hate getting all fashioned up like this. So for your viewing pleasure, here are a few pics from the photo shoot. Please be nice and don’t tease!! :-P

Me and Tim all dolled up.

And I found a cool pic of Ozzy and Kirmit. :)

Ozzy and Kirmit.

In other news, I have developed a cold of some sort and have been trying to get over it as best as I can. Not the usual stuffy nose, but more of just a really sore throat that makes swallowing anything extremely painful, and I feel like someone jammed a tennis ball down my throat. O.x That combined with headaches, and well… just aches in general all over, chills, and the inability to talk much, I just spent most of today sleeping. Hopefully this thing goes away soon. I no likey being sick! *sad, gets some chicken noodle soup*
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