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As many of you (living here, anyway) might have heard, Brigadier, an 8 year old police horse was run down by an irate motorist and had to be put down as he was so severely injured.

At this time in Canada Police Service Animals are not protected by any laws. That means if someone hurts, maims or kills a police animal in the line of duty, they will not face any additional charges.

As animal lovers we know that these animals are used for many purposes in police work from drug sniffing to assisting arrests, search and rescue, etc. and should be recognized and protected for their courageous work.

Many states in the US do have laws in place, and the Toronto Humane
society is trying to get laws passed here. Please take a moment to read up on Brigadier’s Laws, and if you feel that you can support this, please sign the petition.

Gods, it just really urks me that such evil people manage places like animal shelters. You know that most of the volunteers and workers that actually clean and feed and care for the animals are the people who really give a damn, but it seems that the head Supervisors and Managers of these places don’t give two shits about anything other than being in a position of power. >:( No freaking wonder the Toronto Humane Society has been on strike for this long.

Our neighbor Rita, who is a good friend of my mom’s, recently had to move out of her apartment. Unfortunately due to being short of time, the only place she could find right away was a crappy little bachelor apartment, and the landlords would only allow her to keep one of her two dogs, and her two cats. Her daughter was traumatized at having to get rid of her gerbils and rabbit. Fortunately though, we were able to find a place that would house them temporarily, as Rita will be getting enough money in three months to be able to move to a bigger place.

The biggest problem was the dogs. Rita has a two-year-old Rotti/Lab cross named Sarah, who is completely insane and will try to kill you if you even look at her the wrong way. That dog needs to be muzzled anywhere she goes, but at home she is totally Rita’s baby. Only Rita can control that dog, and she wasn’t about to give Sarah up, since no one in their right mind would take her anyway.

Then there’s Buddy, a much older Beagle who Rita rescued from the pound. He’s been through about four homes already, and she really didn’t want to have to rehome him, because she was afraid that being in yet another home would break the poor dog’s spirit. She looked for quite a while for someone to take him for the three months until she could get a bigger place, and finally her friend Judy said she’d take him.

Well, it seems that last week, some inspectors to the co-op that Judy lives in came over to check some stuff, and left the door open, not knowing that she was taking care of Rita’s dog. Buddy naturally escaped, and Judy panicked and called Rita. They later found out that Buddy had been picked up by the Progress Animal Shelter.

When they went in to try to get Buddy back, they gave Rita a hard time, saying that she had no proof that the dog was hers, (despite her having vet records) and said that he was registered under a different name (which was like four owners ago, because Rita failed to re-register him). They told her that she’d have to get in contact with his first owners. They tried that, couldn’t reach him because of a change of address, and so the shelter manager said that if she wanted her dog back she’d have to pay the full adoption fee, which I think is something like $163.

This of course pissed Rita off, because it’s not like she had the money to just be tossing around right now, but she called them up anyway saying that she’d bring the money the next morning and to please hold him. When she got there to pay for Buddy and bail him out, she found out that they had adopted him out that very morning to perfect strangers. They adopted out her dog knowing full well that she wanted him back and that she was coming that morning to get him. Needless to say, Rita had an absolute fit. >.<

This shit reminds me of what the friggin’ SPCA did to Jeff and his two dogs. His two dogs were taken under false accusations of abuse, and when he went to court and there was no evidence that the dogs had been abused, the court gave an order to the SPCA to return his dogs to him. But instead of doing so they killed his older dog, and adopted out his puppy.

The damn shelters here do this kind of crap all the bloody time. You’d think that people who actually CARED about animals would run these places!! You’d think that they had BETTER things to do than screw over owners who actually love their animals. Find homes for dogs who have no homes. Don’t adopt out dogs when they already HAVE homes and their owners are trying to get them back!!

This is why I’m always terrified of the idea of Panda ever jumping the fence and running off one day. She’s got tags with her name and our address on it, she’s microchipped, but she isn’t registered and licensed under my name because the maximum dogs you can register per household in Toronto is three, which I already have. It wouldn’t matter how much other ID I have for Panda, if a shelter ever got a hold of her, there’s no way I’d get her back, and adopting her out to anyone else wouldn’t be a very good option as she’s nervous of everything, and no one else would put up with her neurotic behavior. :/ So I’m going to ask Tim once he’s here later this week if we can register Panda under his name, to be on the safe side.

So now poor Buddy is in a new home, with who knows what kind of people. They don’t know his history, they don’t know that he’s an escape artist, and they don’t know that he can be a destructive dog. I just hope that the Progress Animal Shelter had the sense to really screen whoever adopted Buddy, because he’s going to need some very patient owners. Poor dog… I hope that he doesn’t get returned to the pound again, or worse… :/
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