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Screams of Torture at the Doctor's Office - Jessie T. Wolf — LiveJournal
April 6th, 2006
11:30 pm


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Screams of Torture at the Doctor's Office

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Date:April 7th, 2006 04:19 am (UTC)

got you beat

How about when they put up the Halloween decorations and they have one of those screaming doormats down on the floor. Everytine a nurse comes out to call the next patient, they step on it.

"Sandra....(aaaaaaHHH!!!)) you ready?"
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Date:April 8th, 2006 05:20 am (UTC)

Re: got you beat

Bwahah! ^^ Priceless! But then again you'd expect that on Halloween. ;) The creepiest thing about this was just that it was so random. :-D
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