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Screams of Torture at the Doctor's Office - Jessie T. Wolf
April 6th, 2006
11:30 pm


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Screams of Torture at the Doctor's Office

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Date:April 9th, 2006 06:50 pm (UTC)
Did I mention I work in a hospital emergency room again?
We don’t need a radio for those sounds. Where I sit at work I can hear the moans from the waiting area and the screams/crying from the ER itself.

But if you really want something creepy... try the sound of a woman who has injured herself severely and is so tired from crying that its just rather quiet gasps and whimpers.
At the last hospital I worked at we had a woman come into the ER who had closed a large metal security door on her hand. When they brought her in I immediately started to shudder and feel ill listening to the sound she made.
I think she managed to keep all her fingers... but I’m not sure.
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