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So the other day I was walking to work, and I saw a guy walking an American Staffordshire Terrier. Black and white, like my girl Zena, but much heavier, since she was a purebred. At first I thought that it was the same really old girl that I often times see this old man walking. I saw a nylon muzzle on her, and I suddenly felt sad that even _his_ poor dog got slapped with one of those things, as she’s like… an ancient old dog, and just hobbles around slowly… What’s a dog that old going to do to anyone?? O.o

But on walking closer I saw that this was a different dog with a different man. Kind of an older gentleman, and as we got closer to each other while walking on the sidewalk, I heard him crooning to his dog, “It’s okay… it’s okay…” It was kind of funny to see, as the dog looked rather intimidating, with a big prong collar around her neck, and walking on a chain leash.

As I was about to pass him, he smiled at me and said cheerfully, “It’s a beautiful morning, isn’t it?” I said, yes it was! It’s actually starting to feel like spring now! And I looked down at his dog who was wiggling her chubby little body and snorting at me. I smiled and pet her, and told the man that she looked a lot like my girl at home, and how Zena hates her muzzle too. “Yeah?” he said. I nodded and commented on how well behaved his dog was, and that it was very good that he wore a muzzle on her, as that way no one could take her away from him. He again smiled and said, “Yeah!” And his dog gave me kisses through her little nylon muzzle. :) I wished them both a good day, and continued on my way to work.

It was SO very nice to FINALLY see someone who was actually responsible with the new muzzle law on Pitties. And I mean… this guy was, well… a little bit on the slow side… and some people might be concerned that someone with a handicap like that has a dog that powerful. But his dog was very well behaved, and he was extremely responsible with her. I have seen SO many people who just refuse to put a muzzle on their dog that it just makes me sick.

While I was walking Zena yesterday, I ended up talking with a lady at the bus stop, and she was amazed at how good Zee was. She also told me how amazed she was at the fact that very, very few people are actually following the law, and putting their dogs’ life at risk. They say, “My dog is good! He doesn’t need a stupid muzzle!” I said to the lady that what those owners fail to understand is that it’s not about weather their dog is “good” or not. It’s about following the law, and keeping them safe. The woman agreed and said, “It’s best not to take chances. You’re a good owner for keeping her safe.” And I smiled thankfully, and went on my way.

A while back I got a bit fed up with people not being responsible with their pets, and so I made a poster to put up at a few of the pet stores and vet clinics around my area. I used a very sad-looking Zena as my poster girl. I don’t know if it will make much of a difference at all, but at least it was a way for me to get my voice out.

Zena Muzzled
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