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Okay, I know I'm running rather late with this report, but a lot's happened!! And so I'll start by going back to Wednesday the 19th, which was Blue's 21st Birthday. Yeahhh... that was some birthday. She and I were supposed to leave for Chicago on the 18th so that she could spend her B-day at Chris' house, but instead we ended up spending the whole day in the hospital. Blue hadn't been feeling very well for the couple of weeks prior, she was really pale and stuff, and had to get a lot of blood tests, plus a bone marrow test (which we'll be getting the results of on Monday). The doctor advised against leaving for our trip right away, and said that Blue needed a blood transfusion. So we spent the day sitting around, talking with some of the other patients while Bluey got three bags of blood pumped into her. It was tons of fun, weee. :-P Although it was kinda funny seeing the color put back into her, since she's always been a bit pale.

We got out of there at around 4:30pm, and we were supposed to catch the 6:30pm bus to Chicago, so I called a cab and we got a ride home, instead of going back by bus, which would have taken us forever. We figured we could make it home, do our last minute cleaning and then rush out the door, and JUST make it for our bus. That was the theory anyway... we headed out of the house at 5:30pm, dragging heavy bags behind us (I NEVER understood how Blue could pack so light... I try and still end up with a huge heavy bag!). We made it to the Greyhound station right as the passengers were boarding... only to discover at the last second that Blue didn't have her birth certificate with her. >.< Sooo... we went all the way back home until the next bus was available, which was at 1am. Thankfully my mom drove us back to the station. Man that sucked tho... just the rush to the station the first time, I nearly popped my shoulder from carrying a huge bag in a crowded subway. O.o I really need to learn how to drive.

Anyway, the bus ride there was pretty much the same as always, and we slept most of the way. But we had to make an unexpected transfer in Detroit to Toledo, (because for some reason they changed the express bus from Detroit to Chicago) and then we transferred again in Toledo to get to Chicago. We also got a really bitchy lady at customs who was trying her hardest to find any reason to not let us cross. She gave Blue a harder time for some reason, but in the end she couldn't find any reason to deny us, so she just let us off with a bitter attitude. I hate customs. >.< When we finally got to Chicago, it was about 2pm and Chris was there to pick us up. We spent the rest of the day just hanging around at his house, and we did a bit of grocery shopping. My eyes are bigger than my stomach, and I bought more food than I actually ate during the whole trip, but oh well.

FRIDAY: Next day was MFF!! Weeeeee! I got Chris to drive us there for around noon time, cos I was eager to see my friends again. The first thing I did was meet a fur I did a commission for, so I could give her her artwork. She was really nice and I ran into her many times during the con. :) Then ran into theome and Cirrus Kit-fox, and went up to their room for a bit, and looked through Cirrus' sketch book. *grins* On the way back down to the lobby, we ran into ganadorrex at the elevator. The look on his face of pure surprise was priceless. ;) Was great seeing him again! Chris and Blue decided to leave, so Theome, Gan and I went to opening ceremonies together. Then we just kinda wandered around, bumping into friends along the way.

Saw that iron_raptor had made it, when I saw him in the Artists Alley, along with auradeva. I spent most of the afternoon trying to find pat_the_fox because he had made the reservations to our room, and I desperately wanted my room key. O.o He showed up at around 6pm. Then we all got together to wait outside the doors for Uncle Kage's story hour. T'was fun goofing off in line, cept when people started poking and tickling me. O.o Evil! But Aura made it better afterwards when she picked me up and cuddled me. She's comfy, murr! ^^

Oh yes! My ex mate, Gabe (foxfuzz) surprised me by showing up at the con early with his girlfriend, Kota! Just in time for Kage. ^^ I got to introduce them to all of my friends, and it was cool. :) Then we all just kinda mingled until it was time for 2_gryphon's show, and jakebe was the opening act! He did a GREAT job too! ;) 2's show kicked ass, and then at the end he made a special announcement on Gabe's behalf: "Kota, will you marry me?" Awwwwwwwwwww! Now there's a great way to propose. ;) Good luck you two, I'm very happy for you both. :)

After 2's show, Ganny had previously pestered everyone into going to Denny's for a late dinner (or, rather, a very early breakfast) and so Gan, Aura, Krahnos, Pat, Gabe, Kota and myself all piled into Kota's jeep and headed out. It was like a clown car, it's a good thing I'm tiny. :-P We got to Denny's and ordered our food, while I sleepily drew a stoopid doodle of my head on a chicken's body in Aura's sketchbook (I promise I'll draw you something better!). I dunno, I was tired... and didn't finish my food. But we got a good laugh when Gan ordered his powdered sugar... and then started smoking it. *grins* He inhaled it through a straw and then puffed out smoky sugar dragon breath. Rawk. ^^ And Gabe shot paper balls at my head with his straw, and I tried to stab him with my fork. Denny's was fun. :) *wags* Then we all went back to the con, wandered around a bit more, and then brought Gabe and Kota back to my room, since they'd be staying with me and Pat for that night only. Went to sleep at around 3am.

SATURDAY: Woke up at 10am to get ready to go to Aura's Animal Life Drawing pannel at 11. They brought out a hawk, a fennec fox, a silver fox, and a Canadian lynx, that I attempted to draw. I've never really been good at drawing moving things, so it was pretty different. But the animals were cute. ^^ Gan was helping Aura out with her pannel and started playing with the lynx. Oopsie! He's allergic to cats, but thought that since this was a wild cat the fur would be different. When he found out otherwise, he was like "Oh crap... I have to leave now." Poor draggy. I ended up following him around with tissues for a good chunk of the day.

I wandered into the Artists Alley again and found 2, chatted wif him for a bit, and gave him a drawing (that he later on propped up in front of his table for everyone to see... *blushes*). He's threatened to kick my ass if I don't get a table for my next con, so I'm trying to work up the courage to do that. :-P But 2 so totally rawks, and the fact that he's advertised my stuff is very flattering. He gave me a free CD too! And I bumped into Jakebe a lot as well. He's so cute and cuddly! He reminds me of someone I went to school with, and I feel like I've known him for ages.

Found Gabe and Kota again, and we checked out a couple other pannels, but I started falling asleep through the one on Animatronics (dammit!). I woke up halfway through the pannel, realized that they had gone to watch the charity auction, and so I went back to my room to take a nap. Woke up to people knocking on my door... Blue had come back! Chris dropped her off so that she could go to the dance (which in the end proved to be really dead) and so I got a little dressed up and went walking around wif da Blue dragon (lots of blue dragons around, I noticed... *blinks*).

Kinda lost Blue for a bit, but found Gan and Odendo, and the three of us wandered around a bit. We then ended up going back to my room and ordering Chinese food. Then I later met up with Aura and Nauta, and Nauta had seen the pic I did for 2, and so he asked if I'd do an inked commission for him. I said sure, since Aura had a ton of commissions that she had to get done anyway and needed to find a quiet place to draw. We headed back to the lobby where the fish pond was, and sat in the furnished area by the piano and drew for a couple of hours. Blue found us shortly afterwards and decided to draw with us. It was really nice hanging with everyone. ^^ And Nauta took a nice pic of the three of us sitting together. :)

After drawing, I decided to wander around some more. Gabe and Kota left, was nice seeing them again tho. Got to meet Tigra and Kamber! They're so nice!! ^^ And found Iron Raptor again and hung out with him for a little bit, and we found Gan passed out in the middle of the hallway. People never sleep at cons, and it's one thing I'm starting to slowly get used to. I wandered back and forth from the main ball room to the lobby a few times to check on Aura's progress. Finally I had nothing else to do, so I went to bed.

SUNDAY: I slept in. :-P Dunno what time Pat finally got in, but he left at around noon, and Chris came to pick up Blue a bit earlier. I was lazy and didn't get out of bed until like 1:30, then went to see Aura's pannel on color pencil techniques. But not before running into Alpine Arctic Fox and Babs Bunny and trading sketchbooks. After the pannel, I followed Aura back to the Artist's Alley while she finished up a sketch for a friend. Afterwards I took her on a wild goose chase to try and find Babs so that I could get my sketchbook back. Got it back, and then ran into Kamber and friends again, and got Kamber's sketchbook. ^^ Then just chilled and talked with Aura before she had to leave.

Then about 5pm rolled around really fast, and I had to meet up with 2, Jakebe and Theome for dinner. We got a ride to this neat pizza place, and I got a REALLY good grilled garlic shrimp pizza, that 2 eyeballed once in a while, so we traded slices. ^^ I actually almost finished everything! I was so impressed with myself since I hardly ate anything the whole con. But dinner with them was COOL and we talked about a bunch of schtuff. It was fun. *grins* We walked back to the hotel afterwards, and then 2 introduced me to rikusho and he's sooooooo kyoote! I did a little doodle for him in his sketchbook, and got in a lot of cuddles with 2 and Jakebe before they had to leave.

Then I took a little quiet time to myself, went back to my room to pick up Alpine and Kamber's sketchbooks, and went back to the area by the piano and drew for a little while. I was soon joined by Pat, Krahnos, Guan and Gan, and since I had my sketchbook on me, I tossed it to Gan and he drew me a couple of sketches. :) Then afterwards, I tracked down the people who's sketchbooks I finished, and spent the next couple of hours hanging with the three lizards. When Krahnos and Guan had to go to bed, Gan and I went back to the main ball room, where everyone who was still awake was hanging out. Spent half my time hanging with Tigra and company at one end of the room, getting back scritches and cuddles. :) Then the other half was spent under the table where Iron Raptor and Gan were sitting, as Gan drew one of the "Blazing Dragons" characters in Steve Martin's sketchbook. I freaked the hell out of Steve when I crawled out from under the table, and he jumped about three feet. *grins* It was amusing, specially when he asked "Just what were you DOING under that table??" I was in a very puppy-ish mood that night, and was crawling around getting into mischief, and playing on the floor with Pat. When everyone else went to bed and there were only a few of us left in the room, Iron Raptor brought out his friend's laptop and we watched a video recorded earlier of Jim Groat and company messing around with those little life drawing mannequins, making them bend in the craziest positions. The most amusing part was Raptor giggling like a schoolgirl. ;) We eventually got tired and went to bed.

MONDAY: *sighs* I sooo didn't want to leave. >.< But Pat and I got up and cleaned the room out and packed, and were out in the lobby by noon. Pat caught a ride home with Silfur and Verec, and I sat around with Gan and Foxen while waiting for Chris to pick me up. He finally showed up at around 1:30pm, and I had to say my good bye's. I'm surprised I didn't cry, because I SO didn't want to leave. I miss everyone already. >.<

On our way out, Chris, Blue and I stopped by a TGIF's for lunch, because I had found a really good drink there that I wanted to buy for Blue as a little treat, since she just turned 21 and was now legal to drink in the states. But they wouldn't accept our ID's, even though they CLEARLY state our date of birth and photo. It's so stupid. Anything that's not a bloody driver's license they never accept. >.< But we had a good lunch anyway. Friday's makes good food. :) Then we went to the mall for a bit, and I picked up a Christmas present for my mom. Then it was back to Chris' place.

I pretty much just spent the last four days at Chris' watching a lot of Animal Planet and Cartoon Network, cos there was nothing much else to do. His parents are really nice tho. Blue is really lucky that his parents love her so much, cos I remember how much Gabe's parents hated me for some reason. O.o I was kinda eager to just go home tho, because since our breakup, I really don't have much of a reason to visit Chicago anymore, and staying at Chris' house I guess I felt a little out of place because it was really Blue's visit, not mine. So next year I think I'm going to go JUST for the con. Thanksgiving dinner with Chris' family was very nice tho, and Bluey even helped his mom cook the turkey, despite her being a vegetarian dragon. :) We left right after Thanksgiving, took a midnight bus home, and the trip home was easy. We slept most of the way again, customs didn't even look twice at us, and we got home at around 2pm. Then Iron Raptor came over a little after 3pm, and we were all suddenly back to hanging out again. *smiles*

I'm happy to be home, but I miss my friends, and I hope I'll get a chance to visit some of them, or hope that they'll be able to visit me sometime before AC. For now it's back to drawing and saving up for AC, and starting in the new year I'll be looking for a new part-time job. Fun. :-P

I think this is the longest LJ post I will ever make. O.o
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