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We Had Dogs At The Cat Clinic Tonight!

This afternoon was surprisingly busy at work! Considering we had no appointments booked, and it was supposed to be a quiet night, things got really crazy all of a sudden!

I walked to work, and barely before I even got to the front door, my manager Sheila was standing outside waving her arms at me, and asking me to go run over to some guy across the street to let him know that his dogs were in our clinic. I was thoroughly confused, (since we’re a cat only clinic…) but I ran over and asked this guy if he had dogs. He said that they weren’t his, but the man’s across the street in the white van that had just been hit. I looked over towards the plaza’s parking lot, and sure enough there was a banged up van with a banged up dude in there, and a squad car pulled over beside him.

I thought, holy crap, I wonder what happened?! I ran back across the street and it turned out that two dogs had been in the van when it got hit, and were injured and bleeding all over the front waiting room. They were brought in by a nice lady who happened to see the accident and then carried them over, while the police attended to the owner in the van.

So we took the two little guys into the back treatment area. They were about 4-5 month old puppies; a Jack Russell named Cheech, and a Yellow Lab named Chong. After looking them both over, it was determined that there was no fatally serious damage, but their paws and pads had been cut up pretty badly. Apparently, when we got the full story of what happened later, the van ran a red light, was hit from the side by another car, (I saw that car around the corner as I was walking to work, and the front of it was _really_ badly smashed in…) the van’s back doors came loose and swung open and the dogs, who were in the back seat, fell out onto the road. The two were on separate leashes that had been tied together, and so the leashes got stuck, and the two pups had been dragged along the road, until the driver was able to pull into the plaza’s parking lot.

So I held a whining Chong while my boss, the head vet at our clinic, cleaned up the little Cheech. They were both VERY good puppies!! Not wriggly, or snappy. We got both of their paws all cleaned up and bandaged, though Chong scared me a bit when he started to fall asleep. The lady who brought them in offered to take them home for the night to monitor them, in case there was any internal damage that we weren’t aware of. Dr. Stewart’s worry was that they might have hit their heads. Cheech’s chin got a bit banged up, and Chong had some bruising here and there. I wondered about the possibility of a concussion when Chong started to get sleepy on the examination table.

The owner was told that his dogs were in our care. He came over briefly, and was escorted out by police since he was still in really bad shock and hysteria. Turns out the pups are his 12-year-old daughter’s. The owner agreed that it was best if someone kept the two dogs over night, and they should be coming back in for a checkup tomorrow morning.

So between that, and having an enema cat explode his bowels all over the clinic, and a REALLY insane cat that we had to try to get an I.V. line into after going through five catheters, (that cat was trying REALLY hard to destroy us…) I’d say that we had a pretty fun night! :-P (That was sarcasm.) Very busy, but you know I actually kind of like busy nights at times, because it keeps me on my toes. Working at a vet clinic has been a pretty positive experience, though. That is, if you don’t mind the kind of job where you get peed, and pooped, and bled on, on an almost regular basis. O.x But I’ve never minded dirty and gritty work, and I don’t get grossed out by the sight of blood, which I’m very thankful for, because I’ve seen some pretty icky stuff working there in the past two years. But I like helping the animals. It makes me feel good at the end of the day, to know that I’ve helped make a difference in their lives. ^_^ *wags*
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