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Okay, I just felt compelled to say this, even though I've said it before. For anyone out there who reads my journal, (albeit the very rare posts lately, due to work...) this is regarding commissions.

1. I am finishing up the last of my commissions this month. I MAY start accepting more by April or so. We'll see how busy I am.

2. Those of you who have still not gotten back to me about your descriptions/rough drawing edits, (you know who you are) please try and get back to me by sometime this coming week? O.o I'd really like to actually meet my deadline this time. :-P

3. For the folks who do ask me for a commission, please, please, PLEASE do NOT ask if you don't have the money to PAY for it! O.x I will not even begin to consider your request for a commission if you don't have the available funds to send payment. Sending payment in advance guarantees your spot in line. Please do not even ask me when I can start your piece if you haven't even paid me for it yet.

4. Well... not really commission related, but... as soon as I get my FTP thingy working again, I'll be updating some puppy photos and artwork. :)

That is all. I go animate now!! *scampers off!*
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