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People Make Me So Angry

Seriously. On my way to work today, I passed by a lady who was walking two dogs. One a black Labrador, and the other a hulking brindle Pitbull. Both very pretty dogs, and friendly, from the looks of it anyway. Only one problem: her Pittie wasn't wearing a muzzle.

It makes me wonder if these people have been hiding under a rock for the past year. We have a new (crappy) Pitbull ban here in Toronto, which requires all Pit-type dogs to be Spayed/Neutered, microchipped, registered with the Province of Ontario, and kept on leashes and muzzled at all times in public. The way the ban works, even if your dog ISN'T an actual "Pitbull" but it just LOOKS like it could be one, or could be a mixed breed, you have to comply with the new law. So say if you have a Lab/Boxer cross, someone can accuse you of having a Pitbull, and if you can't prove that your dog ISN'T one, your dog will be seized and destroyed, and you can get fined or even thrown in jail.

What makes me angry is the fact that there are still people out there fighting this ban by NOT muzzling their dogs in public. It REALLY busts my britches to know that people could really not give a shit about their animals, thinking that they're doing a good thing by not protecting their dogs from harm.

I have a Staffie cross. My little Zena (The Zee Beast) is the sweetest dog you could ever meet, very smart, and happy. And I muzzle her. She has a big honking $75 chrome and leather cage muzzle that makes her look like Hannibal Lector. And it may be unfair and sad that she has to wear it when I take her on walks, but DAMMIT that muzzle keeps her SAFE! And it REALLY upsets me every time I see someone without a muzzle on their Pit, thinking that no one can enforce this ban, when there have already been quite a few reports of Police and Animal Control officers seizing dogs from their own HOMES simply because the neighbors complained about there being a "vicious dog" next door.

It is SO not fair that I have to muzzle my dog, when so many other idiots aren't even bothering with it. Even worse that because of them not complying with the ban, it's only a matter of time before those poor animals have to pay with their lives, for their Human's mistakes. >.< What the fuck happened to Responsibility??

On a totally different note... does anyone know how I can get in touch with evana_love? If so, please e-mail me privately? I'd kinda like to give her a gift, but she makes herself so darned hard to contact! O.o I know with good reason, but jeebies! She is very talented, and I'd just like to be able to let her know that I appreciate her work. :)
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