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Well Crap...

So, I went out with pat_the_fox, torrle, and qeveren on Monday to go buy new computer parts so that I could upgrade my computer and make it all sexy and working and stuff. Pretty much the only thing on it left of my old computer is the motherboard and processor, otherwise it's a totally new machine. New 250 GIG internal drive and also a 200 external drive, 1 GIG of RAM, brand new video card, and also got a new case (black!), DVD burner, keyboard and speakers. Just need a new monitor now.

The guys spent allll day and night working on the machine which demanded blood, as it somehow managed to bite both Torrle and Pat, taking huge chunks of skin out of their fingers and making them both bleed. O.x But after working on the thing for about 12 hours, we finally got it going. Did all of the Windows Security Updates and stuff. All it needed was to have all of the programs reinstalled, which Pat started to help me do yesterday morning.

We didn't have time to finish before I had to go into work, and so I went back to installing all of my old software once I got home. Well, I was in the process of installing my antivirus stuff, when my computer decided to reboot. Huh. Weird. So I got back on, started reinstalling more anivirus/spyware stuff, and then getting onto Lightwave's instalation with Tim's instructions... when my computer rebooted again. This time though, I got an lsass.exe error. Tim phoned me up, and asked what happened. I told him, and he said, "Oh shit, that's not good at all. Looks like you already got hit with the Sass Worm."

People who invent viruses and worms need to be shot in the fucking head. >.< I can't believe that after BARELY a day running, my machine gets hit with crap! O.x The worst part is that it got my main drive before I even had a chance to copy all of my files (the ones I didn't have room on CDs to burn) onto the new external drive as a friggin' backup! >.< So, all of my files are gone. Toast. Dead and done.

However, while Tim was here visiting me in November, he got the brilliant idea of backing up everything of mine onto his own drive after he saved everything from my first internal drive that blew up. I am SO glad he kept everything!! @.@ He's burnt it all onto a DVD and is going to mail it to me. Of course, the new things I've added to my files since November have been lost... Going over it in my head though, trying to remember if I had lost anything that would have made me cry... THANKFULLY I've only lost a few programs, my Favorites, and some art files. Unfortunately I think that a couple of those were Commissions in progress... so it looks like it'll take me some time to redo those... *ears flatten* I hate setbacks. >.<

Anyway... qeveren is hopefully coming over today to try and fix my explody machine and reinstal Windows and stuff for me again. I am going out right after this update to buy the latest Norton Antivirus software so that I can kick lsass.exe's ass and anything else that tries to eat my sexy new computer. I will keep you all posted!
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