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Happy New Year!

Wow. I’ve done 108 hours at work this past two weeks. That’s the most I’ve ever worked, considering I’m only a part-time staff. ;) Though it’s looking like instead of putting my next paycheck into Savings, I’ll have to upgrade my computer something fierce, because it’s just about ready to die on me. O.x It’s been giving me Failure to Boot error messages for the past few days, and making a weird clicking noise… and so I’m afraid to turn it off, just in case I can’t get it back on again.

I spent most of last night backing up as much stuff to CDs as I could fit, but the rest that wouldn’t fit to CDs will have to get backed up onto an external drive, which I will hopefully be able to get by tomorrow. I’ll also need a new internal drive, a major RAM upgrade, and I figure since the machine’s getting rebuilt anyway, I may as well look into getting a DVD burner and new video card. Of course this means that I’m going to have to reinstall everything all over again, which is a huge pain in the tail, but I want my computer working top notch by this week, especially since I’m starting work with Lightwave this week. The last thing I need is to start on a major project and have my computer die in the middle of it. :/

Other than my computer being sick, Christmas went fairly well, and we went to visit friends of the family for dinner, like we do every year. And… oh my gods… Kathy so totally rocks my world. She felt bad about not getting me a birthday present for last year, (not that I really mind…) and so she got me a combination birthday and Christmas present. 120 Prismacolor Premier set, the ones in the tin. *eeeeeeeeeeeeee* Holy shit. I can’t believe she bought me those!! O.x Those are like friggin’ expensive pencils! Dude. I am a HAPPY wuff! ^^ *dances!* I now have colored pencils to last me at least a good three years, since I still have my unopened 120 regular Prisma set that I got from pat_the_fox for Christmas last year. :-P

I also FINALLY got a chance to go and see the Sex And Violence Cartoon Festival last week with Solon. I’ve wanted to see it for a few years now, but every time it’s in town, I always miss it. But this time I caught it on the last day. I was quite pleased. ^^ It was just a small private event, that was actually held in this dude’s house. Cool, creepy looking old town house, with a nice theatre room, with a lot of old theatre posters on the walls, with art, fantasy, gothic, and religious books on the shelves. Oh, and the guy who ran the event, Reg Hart, is a Vampire. And not like the Gothic Vamp teen-age lifestylers out there who just think the look is cool either. He’s an older gentleman, who takes the whole thing quite seriously, which I thought was rather neat. And he’s got these funky eyebrows that curl up at the sides, too. :) It was cute. The whole atmosphere of the house was quite spooky and artsy at the same time.

Since it was Christmas though, the last night showing was quite dead, and so Solon and I got a private showing. Dude, I love old projectors. :} And our host gave us a bit of background information on the films we were watching. Quite interesting stuff! ^^ We watched the best of old Merry Melodies, Popeye, Betty Boop, Bugs and Daffy, and others. Stuff that’s been banned and cut to ribbons due to the violence, slapstick comedy, drinking, racism, sexual innuendo and the like. We were even shown one of the best Woody Woodpecker cartoons, (also very banned) where Woody runs a barber shop while the owner is away, and terrorizes the customers. That is so priceless, watching an insane bird chase people with a shaving blade. It rocked. ;) I honestly miss a lot of those old cartoons, and still have some old videos from when I was a kid. Personally I think that a lot of the stuff they have on TV now is crap. I think that’s one of the reasons why I stopped watching TV. c.c

So, it’s now 2006! I hope that all of my friends have had a wonderful 2005, and that you are all looking forward to an even better new year! :)
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