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Happy Holidays!

Yay for Christmas Boarding. :-P We are pretty much packed to full capacity with boarders for the holiday season. And surprisingly enough, it’s not anywhere near as bad as it would seem, and I’m nowhere near as stressed as I thought I would be. :) I’m putting in more hours at work than I’ve ever done before, going just over what the regular full-time staff would normally do, and I’m only part-time staff. O.o So I’m grinning from ear to ear right now at the fact that the beginning of next month will bring me a really sweet pay check. ^^ Overtime + Statutory Holiday Pay + Christmas Bonus = Good! *wags and bounces!*

Also, to those of you who are getting your Christmas gifts a bit late this year, I’m sorry. O.o But most of them are already in the mail!

Things kind of blew up between the staff at work for a little bit last week because of all of the stress that’s been going on between the Manager and one of our Doctors. I came extremely close to quitting my job for the second time this year because of all of the pressure. But after having a much-needed meeting with our Boss, things seem to be quieting down for now, which is good, because Drama at Work is bad, and we so don’t need it. O.x

We did get a LOT of friggin’ chocolate from a lot of our regular clients, though! Good gods, we have boxes of chocolate to last us forever! And Dr. Szabo gave me a gift, which was really nice of her, and quite unexpected! A bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream! *beams* I can’t believe she remembered my favorite kind of booze, which is really funny because I very rarely drink, and even more so rarely talk about drinking at work. O.o Eeee… I really wish I had got her a present… or any of the staff presents for that matter, but I’ve just not had the money to do much shopping at all before Christmas. >.< So I’ll have to get some gifts later or something.

I also got a huge bottle of French white table wine from work, which I have no idea what I’m going to do with since I don’t drink wine… I guess I’ll save it in case I think of anyone who might want it. :-p

So here I sit, idly inking a commission, and relaxing for a little bit before my mom and I go to Whitby to visit friends of the Family for Christmas dinner. I hope that all of my friends out there are having a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrate. :) Cheers, and I’ll update on New Year’s! ;)
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