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OMFG, Update!!!

Late again, as usual! ;)

Well, I don’t have a con report for Midwest FurFest because most of my convention was just kind of a blur. But it was still a lot of fun in any case, and it was awesome getting to see a lot of really cool friends again, and being surprised by some folk who I had no idea were even going to be there!! :-P And I DID paint 2's finger nails pink, but he whined about it and only let me do them on Sunday, AFTER the con was already over, so nobody got to see them!! c.c At Anthrocon, you aren't going to escape me, bird! *shakes fist!* I also made it a point to make MFF more of a vacation con for myself this year, so I only really spent one day lounging around in the Artists Ally. I got a table with Tim Albee, and mostly just worked on badges, and already have all of my badge commissions finished. Just one MFF commission left to do as a Christmas present for a friend, and I still have some commissions left to finish from Anthrocon. Here’s my full list, for the people who follow my LJ:

Avon Fox – half colored.

Laura Holmes – need to print and mail it out still.

Whyte Yote – need to print and mail it out.

Arkloyd Duwier – need to print and mail it out.

Blair Kanine – still just needs the last touch-ups!

Richard “Treerat” Rainbow commish – need your feedback on the rough sketch still!

Warphammer – I still need your feedback on the rough sketch I sent you, too. :-p

Emot – I still need you to send me your badge description, hon. :)

Adonis (Jaie) – need your badge description again, please.

Jungray – I know you said no rush, but if you could get a description to me soonish, that would be awesome. :)

Delphi Vinn – still need to start! I’m pretty sure I still have your old description.

Marc Crevan – I know you said no hurry as well, but if you could decide what you’d like me to draw and let me know asap, that would be very cool. :)

Gizmo Nine – need to start.

Skandranon – got a few roughs done, not started any good copies yet.

Kitch – still only half colored your icons. O.x Next commission you ask me for will be on the house, since you paid for this LJ, and I’ve been a rotten bum for taking forever to get your icons done. :-P

That should be everything. People I’m still waiting on, I NEED you guys to send me descriptions if you haven’t yet, and I also need feedback from those I sent off sketches to!! Hate to rush you guys, but I’d like to have ALL left over commissions that I owe completely finished by February, so that I can clear up everything, and start on my own stuff again, including my new website, which I haven’t had the time to even touch yet, and I paid for the domain name and web space in June. O.x And for the few of you who’s pieces just need the last touch-ups/to be printed out, those will be done before Christmas. Sorry, I won’t be taking any more commissions until Anthrocon ’06 (and I’ll have a Dealer’s table this time!). I need a little break, before I become completely worn down. -.- Thank you VERY much to those of you who have been so very patient with me!! You guys are totally awesome! :)

And now for my Life’s update.

After the convention, Tim came back to Toronto with me, and we spent the week after the con just hanging out and having fun. :) He’s spent the past couple of months looking for some kind of studio job so that he can settle in one place, bring in a steady income, and continue working on the new Kaze Ghost Warrior projects. Plans for the full-length Kaze feature film may be set back for a bit so that Tim can try getting a second episode of the series out on DVD for Anthrocon ’06. At least, that’s what we’re hoping for. But don’t hold me to that. :-P

I spent the first part of this week painting Christmas themed cats on the windows of the vet clinic I work at with this neat stained glass effect paint. My boss wanted something festive for the holiday season, and so I volunteered to do some decorating. She was very happy with the end result. :) If I could get paid to do paintings on windows on a regular basis, that would be so cool. ^^ Also, one of our receptionists will be going in for surgery next week, and so I’ll be doing extra hours at work, filling in for her while she’s away this month. It’s going to be a VERY busy month!

Our basement got flooded quite badly last week. My mom will sometimes do favors for the other people who do cat rescue. They had a male that was scheduled to be neutered, and so they asked if they could keep him in the upstairs bathroom of our house for the night and fast him before they took him to the vet’s the next morning. My mom’s done this for them in the past, so she said yes. Somehow this cat managed to get into our stand-up shower, turn on the water, pull down a towel that fell on the drain and blocked it, and then the entire bathroom flooded, and broke down into the basement, in the room right next to my room. O.o We’ve spent the past week working the wet vacuum, and have got heaters and fans blowing 24 hours a day. The place REEKS, and the large cracks in the ceiling make me nervous that the whole damn thing is going to collapse in the not-so-distant future. X.x And all this… the cause of one, small, black and white cat. I hate to think of what this is going to cost in damages… >.<

On a good note, my mom got a new job!!! Yay!! And I’m so going to go see the new Narnia movie tomorrow night after work. :) Anyone who would like to join me is welcome. ^^

That’s all for now! *goes off to color some more*
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