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Floaty Head... ^_^

I know I'm late, but I just wanted to write a little blurb before I got too busy again. Went out with notasiwas_blue, torrle, rexxwolfe, and Solon to Canada's Wonderland's new Fearfest Halloween haunted theme park last Sunday, and it kicked much ass! ^^ For $30 for the entire night, you get 11 haunted attractions PLUS a lot of Wonderland's cool thrill rides to boot, when in the summer time a regular day pass is like $50 for just the rides alone. O.o If I'm still in Toronto next Halloween, I am SO doing that again!

Then I spent Monday night just chillaxing at home with Solon. We rented Elvira's Haunted Hills, and ate cookies. :-P I was debating trying to go Trick or Treating this year, JUST to see if I could actually still pull it off... (heheheh...) but then figured... nah. I'm too old for that. My going out door-to-door for free candy days are over. I also wasn't able to get a Halloween pic drawn up in time for this year like I was hoping to... but oh well. Next year I'll be more on the ball, a bit ahead of schedule. I'm just glad that I was actually able to go out this year, cos the past two years have been boring, and I HATE staying indoors on Halloween, as it's my favorite commercial holiday time of the year, next to Valentine's Day. ^__^

Speaking of mushy stuff... been feeling rather floaty and happy again... and yeah... *flattens her ears and bites her lip* Ugh... it's not very easy to creep into my heart and bring down my defenses... I seem to live up to a Classic Cancer - little crab hiding in my shell. Been peeking out more and more again... and it feels good. But there's always that fear that things won't last, and as soon as I come fully out of my shell, something will go horribly wrong and make me run back in. It's so hard to trust that things will be okay... and maybe a part of me still feels like letting myself give in to good feelings is being weak in a way... letting down my guard can be dangerous... but then... I can't spend the rest of my life hiding in my shell, can I...? *ponders* It's so confusing, feeling so scared and yet so happy and thrilled at the same time about someone... and also knowing that same person feels that way for me too…

I can't keep a very good train of thought tonight. I have too much stuff in my brain that I want to just go BLAH into words, but am failing miserably at it. So I think I'll just go to bed. :} I'm feeling happy though. Yeah. ^^ *wags*
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