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Note To Self...

Coffee and cold medication does NOT mix!! O.x

Yeah, I’ve caught a nasty little head-cold, so I’ve been a sniffly, stuffed up wolfy, and been zoning out on meds. Don’t know why, but cold medication has an effect on me something fierce, and leaves me doped up and disoriented for hours on end. @_@ Yay for drugs. :-P But at least I’m thankful to have gotten sick before I go to Midwest FurFest.

Yep, I’ll still be going to the con. I think I’m done my hiatus, for now… was never going to be gone forever, but just needed a bit of time to myself. Besides, I miss my friends, and I can’t be an antisocial bitch forever. ;)

Things seem to be looking a lot better, and I’m not anywhere near as stressed as I have been for the past few months. In fact, I find that I’m happier now than I have been in a good while. Things seem to be patching themselves up again, and moving in a good direction. So I’m feeling groovy. :)

Also had a nice long talk with 2_gryphon last night. I’m really happy that he’s doing much better, after much craziness. And it’s also nice to know that I haven’t lost my magical Wuffy charm of turning the big, screechy Gryph into goo. ;) So! As a note I’m making public, (since for SOME strange reason, the dope doesn’t believe me when _I_ tell him myself…) I am reminding him again, and letting Mr. Gryphon know:

I STILL love you, you stupid-ass bird! You’re my best friend, I still need you around, and I can’t imagine my life without you in it, you huge dork. I am not going to just get up and leave you – I promised you that I wouldn’t, (as you did with me as well) and I will always still be your little Chocolate Wuffy Face. Whatever the future may bring, I can’t just forget about you, like you were never important to me. You of all people should know that I don’t abandon those I care deeply for. So shut your FAT up, and deal with the fact that I’m not going anywhere. *snugs and licks your beak*

…Dumb bird. I am so painting your nails pink at MFF. ;) *evil toothy grins*
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