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Bored At Work...

Ugh... I really don't understand people at all. >.< There's a family that lives barely a block away from my house, and I have to pass by their place every time I walk to work. They have this little shi-tzu that they let run off the leash all of the time. Little thing's just running around the front lawn, running back and forth across the road... I nearly watched the dog get hit by a bus one day, and have told the kids who own the dog to keep a better eye on him.

"Toto, come here! Toto, come!" Riiight... he's really going to listen to you, when he's busy chasing anyone who walks by the damn road. *smirks* Today I saw him come up to me, and so I followed him back home, and said, "Toto, go home!" He ran up the front steps to the house, and then a girl said thank you to me from the window. "Toto, stay there."

Grrr... I'm so damn tempted to just steal that dog one of these days, and then just let those people wonder what could have happened to him. *frowns and flicks her ears*

On a different note... work is still slow. Slow enough that I'm actually able to update LJ, and also so slow that I managed to get a rough of one of my commissions done a day or two ago. O.x I so want to go home early and work on art, since I have nothing left to do today anyway. Done the Aussie logos, (will post pics as soon as I can get my FTP working again) and only have six Anthrocon commissions left to finish! At this rate, I should have all of November before Midwest FurFest free to actually do my OWN art!! :-P

*goes and finds little chores to do at work so that she actually looks busy...*
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