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Better Late Than Never

Life has been busy, but good, and I'm still eagerly counting the days until MFF. Want MFF to come NOW!! I'm halfway done the last commission I'll be working on until after the con. Ugh... I never wanna draw another eyeball again. >.< But I'm pretty happy with the outcome so far.

We seem to have a bunch of furs living in our house now. :-P For almost the past week, me and Bluey have had frequent visits by Iron Raptor, Pat The Fox, and Intox Lion. It's actually nice having a lot of company over lately. ^^

There were no huge parties going on this Halloween, sadly. Instead we all just hung out in our basement and watched scary movies. Then later we went walking through the cemetery with Blue at around midnight, made a junk food raid, I stopped by my dad's place briefly to wish him happy birthday, then we went back to our place and chilled. We went walking again later, after Blue had gone to sleep, to investigate a fire that we could smell all the way into our house, despite it being like 3 major streets away. I'm still not quite sure what caught fire, but it was pretty big, and the sky was all foggy with smoke. On the walk back, some guy was following us and getting me all nervous and snarly, which Pat and Raptor noticed, but we eventually lost him.

Pat and Raptor ended up staying the night, cos we were all supposed to meet Artimas and company for a movie the next day. Artimas ended up being late for his own gathering, as usual. *gives the dragon noogies* I luv you Artimas, and wish you weren’t going back to the states!! *cries* Come back and visit for Christmas! Anyway, we saw Brother Bear, which I thought was quite cute. ^^ I like the Canadian moose, eh? :-P After that we walked around downtown for a bit, but a slight emergency ended up cutting our outing short, and we had to rush home, with everyone following. So once we got home, everyone made themselves comfy and lounged around our basement apartment.

Blue and I have discovered that we can hold pretty cool parties in our rooms. :) If people weren't in her room playing DDR and other games, they were in my room watching movies or messing around on the computer and watching Retarded Animal Babies. Bluey cooked some good food, as usual. ^^ She rawks, and was thinking of one day just holding a huge dinner party, cos she loves to cook for people. At one point like 4 of us ended up having a conversation in the bathroom between me and Blue's room. This space has become the mutual rocking area of holding conversations. No one knows how it happened, it just kinda did. O.o

Then people started leaving at around midnight. It was fun, company is cool. :) Then yesterday night Blue wasn't feeling too well, and she couldn't sleep, so I stayed up all night and all morning with her, just talking and trying to help her feel better. I called into work for her and told them she couldn't come in, and we made a doctor's appointment. She seems a lot better now, which I'm very thankful for, cos I was really starting to get worried for a bit there. >.<

Now Pat and Intox are hanging in Blue's room, and Intox brought us some new furniture last night. Weee! We now have a big comfy love seat and arm hair in Blue's room, and Coco's cage had to be moved into the kitchen by the window. Blue thinks he screams more because of it, but I can't tell cos all he does lately is scream anyway. O.o Even when there's people in the room. Raptor is due to arrive any moment, and we'll prolly do our ritual of listening to 2's radio show, plus snackage, and drawing, and then later tv. Fun. :)
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