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Major Update and Future Plans!

Alrighty! Big changes ahead, people!

Firstly, I would just like to mention that I have made some updates to my website. You will now find a "News" section on my front page, an updated commission rates in the Commissions section, and yes ladies and gentle-furs, I have completely removed the Adult Gallery for personal reasons. I feel that I don't really need to be putting as much focus on the Adult stuff as I used to, and would like to keep my artwork generally geared towards all audiences. I will still be taking Adult commission requests - they just won't be posted on my website anymore, that's all.

I have a new website slowly in the works, that will be and should _hopefully_ be up and running before the New Year. The new site will include any new artwork that's been produced in the past few months, a step-by-step color pencil tutorial, and eventually a more professional portfolio of the projects that I'm currently working on. At some point in the distant future I'm toying with the idea of adding a Scarlet Vixen themed Fan Art Gallery, which will be Adult, but it will be password protected so anyone wishing to view it will have to e-mail me to retrieve a password. The reason for this is because I've been getting some complaint e-mails from offended people who don't bother to read my disclaimer that was clearly marked on the front page. You cannot "accidentally" clink into the Adult Gallery without knowing what it is people... honestly! >.< So, just to avoid that kind of crap again, any other Adult stuff I post up - whenever I do decide to do so again - will remain sign-up to view only.

Also, exciting news! It's looking like there may be long-term plans to do work on a new animated feature film project, for an upcoming animation studio! I'm not going to divulge too much information right now, as we're still only in our preliminary stages of production, but Mr. Timothy Albee has offered me a job working with him on his new studio project, doing storyboarding, character design, and possibly learning how to do some CGI animation as well! I am so totally excited about this project, and the wheels are already turning with getting this thing going, so hopefully by the New Year I'll be going through all of the paperwork required to begin working in the U.S.

To the folks out there who I still owe commissions to: I haven't forgotten about you, but there may be a bit more of a delay in getting them done, as my time to work on them may start becoming a bit more limited as things get more involved with this animation project. You WILL all receive your pieces in due time, so don't worry. ;) And I will no longer be accepting any more commissions in the meantime. If my work schedule isn't too busy, I MAY accept some more commissions at Midwest FurFest in November, but otherwise, I'm closed for new ones right now.

I will keep you all updated! Bedtime for this Wolfy! *bounces off!*
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