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Dog In Need Of Home!

Okay. A friend of mine has to get rid of her dog, because she's moving and can't keep her. It's really tearing her up, so I said I'd try and help find her a new home, if I can. I'll even go as far as shipping her to another country if I have to, to save her life, since I only have 90 days to find her a new home here, or she'll more than likely be put down.

Her name is Nala. She is a year and a half old Pitbull/Lab cross, VERY friendly and extremely well trained!! She has had a litter already, so she does have some very noticeable teats, but she will be getting spayed soon, and she is already micro chipped. She gets along with other dogs, and cats. She loves to play! She's not very big, about 45-50lbs. She's all tan in color, and she looks a lot like the dog in the middle of this pic here, but she has more Labrador in her:

Her disposition is more Lab than Pitbull, though I know a lot of people are afraid to own a Pit here, now that we have the ban in place (they are NOT bad dogs! I own a Staffie cross of my own, and she is honestly the BEST dog I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing!). The ban officially takes effect at the end of August, but we have a 60 day grace period after that. But if we can't find Nala a new permanent home by that time, we can't give her away at all. They're making it illegal to give away any Pitbull-type dogs after that, and all Pits who aren’t registered with the province of Ontario, and who don't have a permanent home by then will be illegal to own here. >.<

I can't keep her, because I already have my legal maximum amount of dogs, and if the City finds out that I have more than three, I can get fined something fierce. O.x I would really like to find someone who has experience with dogs, has enough time, space and energy to devote to a dog of this breed, and who is also financially stable enough to take care of things such as food and vet bills (you’d be surprised how often people will go and adopt a dog, and then if it needs to go to the vet for any reason, they suddenly can’t afford it). So, if anyone out there would like to adopt Nala, or if you know anyone who would want to open up their heart and home to this sweet girl, than please send me an e-mail! Wlfdog @

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