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I'm A Draggy!


For Halloween this year, I decided I'm gonna be a DracoWlf! Blue, Artimas and Ganny are looking at me weird, but it's fun to be silly! ^^

Also, ganadorrex made me a drawing today, and it's SO cute!! I love it so much, thank you hon! *huggles the draggy* Underground

heehee.. I think he looks like David Bowie in this pic. ^^ I was watching David Bowie live in concert last night, and that was just enough to put a smile back on my face. :)

Seems that things may be slllooowwwllly turning around for some of my friends as well. iron_raptor is finally getting his money from his old job, which they've owed him for ages. So now he'll actually be able to go to MFF! Way to go hon! We'll have so much fun! And artimas is going to be back in town on Saturday, and the suggestion of going to see Brother Bear has come up. I mished you Artimas!! And thank you torrle for taking me and Bluey out for ice cream last night. It was muchly appreciated! ^^

Thank you, to all of my friends who have helped to cheer me up these past few days. I love you all! *big hugs to everyone!*

Can't wait for Halloween! It's my fave time of the year! ^^ *wiggles and wags*
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