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Back From AC!!

Well... kind of. :-P I'm still here, at 2_gryphon's place, but am leaving for home tomorrow afternoon. But I decided to get on jakebe's computer to type out a LJ entry, before I forget all of the highlights of my vacation.

So AC was cool, and the new hotel wasn't too bad either. :) A lot of the plans I had previously made for the con didn't exactly end up happening a lot of the time... but it's still good, because spontaneous fun stuffs can be good too! :) I spent most of Friday and Saturday in the Artists Ally, since they actually had more than enough room to fit everyone in this year. Next year I would still really like to see if I can swipe a Dealer's table to share with Mr. Kitty fiskblack.

I will admit that I feel kinda bad, not having been able to spend as much time with my kitty as I would have liked... But cons have always been a very busy time for me, with a lot of distractions pulling me one way or the other. But I'll have plenty of time to spend with Jay again, when he comes to visit for his birthday in October, and then again after MFF, when I stay at his place for Thanksgiving. :)

I did get to see a lot of friends who I normally don't get to see very often. Once a year even... man, I can't believe that. O.o It's good to have friends that you can just pick up where you left off from a year ago, and everything is all cool. And got to hang with a lot of my friends who I chat online with on a regular basis (or as regular as my time will allow for...). So hey! Shout out to my friends who I got to hang with at the con, even if only briefly:

frisket17 and her bunny boy Nall, (SO can't wait for Omegas again at MFF!) huskie666, (you RAWK! Thanks for the book!! ^^) lurene, (yay for your engagement!) iguanaartgirl, (was great to see you again, Liz!) spunkywulf, (I hope everything is okay with you!) auradeva, (was cool to catch up!) okla_spiritdog, (you and Pat are SO cute! ;}) scullyraptor, (happy birthday!) raptor_midway, (heart!) kutztowndragon, (Yay! I got killed!) kamberlane, (pony!) lapistigra, (I missed youuu!) _patches, (I didn't get to see your fursuit... send me piccies!!) huscoon, (huscoon puppy!) torrle, (woof! I need to buy a shirt offa you still!) kigeni, (birdy! I'll get your sketchbook next time!) astor_apatosaur, (BIG dino hugs!) calikat, (see you at MFF?) my big brother djagokemono and his mate geekbear74, (hugs to both!!) my super awesome britwolfy friends gareth_rehal, (and his british-sounding friend umjadavis) and redstorm, (love you guys!!) dream_runner, (love the hair!) ebonyleopard, (good to meet you! ...again. :-D) gryph0n, (LOVES DA SKAN TIGGY-GRYPH TAIL!!) marc_crevan, (good to see you again, hon!) gravis and blairkanine... and uhh... wow... that's only the people on my LJ mutual Friend's list... O.x

And of course hey to all of my Toronto Furry friends, and a big thank you to Kindar for driving us there. :) I got to see a lot of people, and met a few new friends as well. The con was pretty crazy, so if I forgot to mention your name, I'm sorry! But it was great to see everyone again. ^^

I also had the great privilege of meeting 2's fiance, Timothy Albee, which I was honestly very thrilled by. Tim is cute and small like me!!! ^^ And he shares a LOT of the same spiritual ideals as me. With Tim being a wolf soul as well, I felt a very close bond with him, in only a matter of a couple of days. He brings back that strong feeling of Pack that I once lost, a long time ago... that familiar feeling of being Home. And I am very grateful to him for that, simple English words alone cannot even describe it. I hope that Tim is able to start up his new animation studio soon, and that he and 2 will share a long lifetime of happiness together. :)

Right now though, I'm enjoying my birthday, and my last day here at the Cube (at least, until the day I can hopefully visit again, which I'm sure won't be any time soon...). Had a lot of fun these past five days, playing with 2, sketching in Aubrin's sketchbook, stealing Jakebe's comics... ;) Best highlights were going to 2's mom's place, and petting the kitties, jumping on the trampoline, playing with a turtle we found, and catching lightning bugs. Watched some good movies with 2, since he's a movie freak like me. Got to ride around in the basket of a bicycle, and got kissed by a puppy! :) Prismo took me out to a Japanese steakhouse today for lunch! I never got to see them do all of that fancy cooking on the grill right at your table before. :) Then afterward, Prismo took me to the mall, and we got ice cream, and we went to Hot Topic, where I bought myself a new pair of pants, (yay!) and some good dragony early, early birthday presents for Bluey. ^^

Today, I think that 2's mom may have something planned for me, since she asked me what kind of cake I liked... O.O In any case, I've had a fun time, and I almost don't want to leave, except that I miss my own bed, and I think I'll sleep for a long time when I get home! Then it's back to work, and also starting on working on my new batch of commissions. I want to get them done as soon as possible, so that I can start working on my new website! I'll make a separate post about that later. :)

See you guys again soon! *waggles and prances off!*
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