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Idiot Breeders...

Holy crap!! O.o I cannot believe what idiot backyard breeders are doing these days! Take a look at this link:

I swear, as if most of the designer dogs out there weren’t already bad enough. I mean, I thought that the Labradoodles were kinda cute when I first heard of them, since I know a lot of people who would like to own a large breed dog, but who can’t because of allergies. Labradoodles are good for people with allergies, as they’re non-shedding dogs, that aren’t standard poodles.

But MAN, they’re taking this designer dog crap way too far! O.o I mean for goodness sake! Crossbreed dogs, that these idiot breeders claim are "special breeds," and will sell for up to $1000 a puppy?? Give me a break! Yes, mixed breed dogs are fine. In fact, all three of my dogs are mixed. But charging an arm and a leg for such "unique" breeds, when they're only mutts, is rather unethical. :/

Hell, PJ's Pet Store sells crossbreed mutts, from puppy mills no less, for over a grand a puppy. They convince ignorant people, who don't know anything about dogs, that they're getting a great, uniquely bred dog, when in reality they're ripping people off. Not to mention a lot of their dogs tend to develop health problems later on in life. Cripes, you can go to an animal shelter and adopt a mutt that will make just as much of a wonderful family pet, WITHOUT spending a fortune. O.o They're bastardizing these poor dogs, when there are enough out there with no homes already. >:/

I’m so very tempted to write to that breeder, but I’m not going to waste my time. Idiots like this will never change, and are only looking for a profit.

iron_raptor and I were joking about my own dogs, messing around with what we would call them, if they were designer breeds. :-P Husky/Labs are fairly common. We decided Dakota should be a Lusky. And Zena, being Staffordshire/Shiba Inu cross, should be a Staffibanu. We got stumped on Barkley, since he’s crossed with two different types of Shepherd, (German and Dutch) but after considering how dense he is, Raptor came up with Durrrman Shepherd. :-P Poor Barks. ;)

I hope I never meet a designer dog breeder, or they will so have a pissy wolf chewing their ankles off. O.x
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