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Fat Cat! O_O

So, I now have a new roommate. A close to 30lbs cat named Minnie, who was one of the seventeen abandoned on us by Zena’s ex owner, Taj. I’ve taken the liberty of boarding her in my room, away from the other cats, so that she can be monitored. My goal: to see that this cat looses some serious weight over the next couple of months so that she can be fit for adoption!!

My manager at work, Sheila, is trying to help us out by letting us bring in one cat at a time, and putting them up for adoption at the clinic. The last cat we brought in was an older, heavier-set black male, who was dubbed Blacky. He got adopted a few days ago, so Sheila told me that I could bring in another one.

I had thought that a great candidate to bring in next would have been Minnie, since she’s incredibly overweight, and I figured it would do her some good to be in a place where they could actually monitor her eating habits. O.o Here, the food is out all of the time, and she’s free to gorge whenever she wants. I figured if she was put on the vet’s Weight Control diet for a while, combined with the freedom of having the cats walk around the vet office, it might help her lose some pounds. Plus, she’s VERY friendly and constantly craves attention, and the clients usually love to pet the cats that walk around.

But apparently the head boss, Dr. Stewart, wasn’t even too thrilled about me bringing in Blacky, as she wanted me to bring our most “attractive” cats in for adoption, and she didn’t find Blacky to be attractive enough, since he was just a plain black cat. _I_ thought he was a very handsome fellow! As did many of the people who came in and saw him. O.o Yeah, it took him a bit longer to find a home than say the kittens that we have in right now, but he DID eventually find a home, with a very nice lady too!

But, it’s her clinic, and her call. :/ It’s a shame that a lot of people would simply overlook a lot of the older, or heavier, or “unattractive” cats for adoption. Minnie’s a longhaired brown tabby, with big green eyes, and a teeny little meow. Sure she’s HUGE, and has trouble grooming herself, and she waddles when she walks… But she’s got a VERY pretty face, and a great disposition! So my boss wants attractive cats for adoption, eh? If Minnie can lose this weight, she’ll be a VERY gorgeous cat, and she’ll blow all of the others out of the water! ;)
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