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The Buzz Of My Life

We have babies at the vet clinic where I work! ^^ Little baby kittens. :) They’re SO cute!! And teeny. :-D D’awww. And of the seven of them, all but one have already been adopted. Yep, babies go very quickly. We also have a Siamese boarding with us, named Hot Wheels. ^.^ I really love that name for a cat, for some reason. I find it to at least be more original than the Fluffys and Pookies and Snuggles that we get in so very often. O.o I swear… people around here are SO not original when it comes to naming their pets. But he was a sweet little Siam. :) They’re my favorite breed of cat. If I were ever to own another cat, I would love to get another Siamese, as I really miss my old kitty, Blue. She was a good girl.

Yesterday was nice. My friend Solon came over and spent the night. He’s over every Monday night now, since we’ve gotten back to the usual routine of watching our weekly show. I barely ever watch TV anymore, (unless iron_raptor is over, and he somehow manages to find ALL of the best movies on whenever he comes to visit) but Solon and I have made a religion out of watching this one particular series every week, for the past five seasons. :-P Yes, I’m a nerd. ;) We also went out for Sushi, at the kick ass sushi place near me. Was cool. ^^

My sister’s Chihuahua, Penny, found a baby bird in the backyard yesterday, and started eating it, but I caught her and made her spit it out. I really hope it was already dead BEFORE she got to it. X.x And Zena has been developing a bad habit of peeing in the house whenever I leave for work. She is housebroken!! I’ll let her out RIGHT before I leave for work every evening, and I’m only gone for four hours, so she has no excuse for doing it! But my mom said that she apparently whines and gets all upset and worked up whenever I leave the house. So I tried crating her for the week. The first day she ate the towel that was in there for her to lay on, and she spent the rest of the night vomiting. So the next day I tried without a towel.

After a few days, it was apparent that I couldn’t crate her, because my mom said she’d literally bark for four hours straight, until I came back home. And she pants and drools all over herself, so by the time I got home to let her out, she was soaking wet! O.o So I’ve been trying her upstairs again for the past two days and just hoping to goodness that she behaves herself, and so far she’s been pretty good. Maybe she’s learning that she can’t always get what she wants. Between Solon and Blue and Iron Raptor staying over at my place nearly every week, and giving her tons of attention, it’s no wonder she’s become so spoiled. :) But I love my baby girl so much! Even if she does drive me crazy. :-P

On a more thoughtful note, this past week has been one of clarification and learning. I’ve learned how easy it is to royally screw things up with other people by simply using the wrong words in some contexts when trying to express yourself. It’s funny how many times I see people who used to be friends get totally pissed off with each other through really stupid and petty miscommunications. It’s kind of a shame, really. :/ People are prone to get defensive VERY quickly, if something is taken the wrong way, or if you don’t understand a situation from another person’s point of view. Hell, I’ve experienced it myself before, quite a few times.

But when all things are said and done, I’ve found that these ill feelings can easily be overcome simply by stopping to think things over, and asking yourself how much is fighting and holding grudges worth? Usually people forget what they were even fighting about to begin with. O.o Or if they do in fact remember, it doesn’t seem as much of a big deal later on. Things are always a big deal in the heat of the moment, but a lot of people never take the time to let things cool down.

I find I’m a very forgiving person for the most part, even when I’ve had to deal with a lot of crap. Usually a simple sincere apology will make me feel better, and I’m eager to let the past stay behind me. I’m a friendly person, and I get along with pretty much anyone, giving everyone a fair chance. Even if I’ve heard bad rumors, or if I have friends who don’t get along with other friends, I will judge the people I meet on an individual basis. I’ve heard the comments, “Augh, how can you be friends with THAT person? He/she is such an asshole/bitch,” etc. But I base my friendships with people based on how they treat me, and not necessarily if they get along with my other friends or not. If they haven’t actually done any harm to ME, I have no reason to feel any ill will towards them.

Also, fights I’ve had with people in the past because of misunderstandings that got way out of control I like to at least try and resolve, as I hate conflict and will usually do whatever I can to avoid it, or fix it. That’s just me though. I find it takes a strong person to admit to their faults, and say sorry, and let bygones be bygones. Hell, I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life, and I’ll admit to every one of them. O.o But the bottom line: holding grudges is *usually* petty, and not worth it, and it’s much better for the soul to be forgiving of others, if not just for the sake of peace.

At least, sometimes it is… >.>
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