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Been really inspired to get art done lately, and managed to whip this up in a day. Really am proud of how it turned out, especially since I’ve found I’m getting better at finishing a piece straight from sketch, to ink, to color (instead of my usual rough, then edit, then having to retrace the good copy with my light box). Very good practice for me, especially when it comes to doing con badges. I used to find it to be a bit of a challenge to get fully colored badges done right on the spot at conventions, without them looking all weird and disproportionate.


There were very minimal proportion errors that I noticed in this particular piece, other than the hands looking a bit odd. Still not the best with hands. But I really like the way her dress came out. ^^

The original is for one of the doctors at the vet clinic I work at, (hoping to eventually get a gift piece done for all of my co-workers) but I’ll have a framed print of this on display at Anthrocon, if I manage to get into the Artist Ally this year. :)
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