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Stuff!! And Pictures! :)

Man, I find that just these past few days I’ve been more angry than I’ve been for a while, and for no real particular reason. Well… actually, there are plenty of reasons, but they’re such, as you’d not normally think to become QUITE that angry over. O.x It’s like my rage over annoying issues in my life has multiplied by ten times. It’s not a good feeling at all! That combined with just being hot and cold moody, and eating junk food like crazy, (which I never do on a normal basis) I’d almost swear I was pregnant, if I hadn’t actually had my period twice already since Jay went home. ;}

(…That was probably TMI for a lot of you folks, but oh well!!)

But I’m feeling MUCH better today! I had a friend stay the night last night, and we took my puppies or a walk, which really helped to lift my cranky mood. I love walking with the dogs on warmer summer nights. ^^ Love it!

And we also had a Staff Meeting today, which I’ll say I’m actually fairly happy about. I did bring up the situation with all of the cats roaming around the clinic, and everyone agreed that it’s probably not a good idea, and that we should at the very least rotate them, so they’re not all out at once. So that made me happy.

I’ve also got a new project at work coming up soon! My manager and boss have been looking to figure out a way to advertise the cat boarding and adoption center in a more creative way. They want something that will catch the people’s eye when they pass by, rather than having the odd person come in and ask us if we do that kind of service.

So, we’ve come up with the idea of painting up some cute cat images onto the window, with that washable window paint. I see stuff like that advertised at Blockbuster Video sometime, when they’re promoting a new children’s video; the cartoon characters painted onto the windows. And being an artist, I got all excited about having four windows as my canvas! ;) I get to paint kitties in the windooow!! I’d much prefer puppies, but oh well. :-P

ALSO!! I FINALLY got my FTP working again!!! Ever since fucking Rogers Cable switched to Rogers/Yahoo! My Rogers mail account, and FTP got severely screwed up, and I couldn’t figure out how to get it working again, until last night! S’why I haven’t been posting any new art to my LJ in like ages, despite getting a lot of my commission work done.

SO! I have pics of my new puppygirl, Zena (courtesy of my kitty, Jay). ^.^ Because this new bill 132, Zena is now considered to be a “Pit Bull” and so I’ve been doing some regular training with her, just to keep her social skills up to par. :) And I’m actually VERY impressed with how much she’s improving! Love my puppygirl. ^.^

Oh yes. Despite this bill, I am NOT getting a muzzle for her. I’m sorry, but come summer time, my dog needs to be able to BREATHE and pant comfortably! And I can’t find any cage muzzles that fit her. :/ Plus, those things look horribly mean. X( Rather, I invested in a Halti, which is a head harness that loops around the muzzle, and connects around the back of the head. It gives me much better control over her, and if she should ever try to bite another animal, the Halti can be tugged in such a way that the loop around the dog’s muzzle tightens, and keeps their mouth shut.

So yes. Pictures of dogness behind the LJ cut, for Friends List viewing convenience. :-P

A pic of Zena looking as innocent as she possibly can! :-P

Zena puppy girl

Zena and Barkley (or “Big Head,” as we sometimes call him).

Zena and Barkley

And that’s all for today! :)
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