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It's Never Good Enough, Right?

Ugh. So work has been getting on my ass more and more lately. I don’t know WHY my manager seems to have to make things that much harder for me. I swear, I’ve worked there for a year now, and have never had a problem with anyone until just these past few months.

The biggest thing seems to be me getting blamed for not doing things right, or getting chewed out because of something or other. Usually these things are not initially my fault. For example:

My manager has a habit of letting our boarding cats roam around the vet clinic. Now. It’s not that I’m mean, and don’t think the animals should give their legs a stretch every now and then. But we are a VET CLINIC!!! An Animal Hospital! NOT a Daycare and Boarding! It’s one thing to let out one or two cats at a time, for an hour or two during the day, and then rotate. Hell, we have a Cattery built into our front window, with a cat tree, toys, and everything. That is the purpose of the Cattery. To let the boarders have a bit of time out of their kennels.

Our manager likes to open ALL of the cages first thing in the morning, and let them all roam free. This can be a major pain in the ass, because then we run into problems such as these:

The following is behind a LJ cut, due to the length of my bitching. :-P

The more timid cats HIDE in the TINIEST places that we can’t get to, and then we end up having to move a bunch of furniture to get to them.

The litter boxes all around the clinic are constantly in need of cleaning, and when I’m not there quick enough to empty the litter pans (because I’m busy doing other work that requires my attention) I get in trouble because the Clients complain about the smell. I cannot be there every two minutes to make sure they’re spotless all the time!

Today, one cat decided to pee in the box that we keep our plastic bags in, for bagging the Clients’ food/medications and such. And of course the manager got all pissed that she had to throw that box out, and order a brand new one, even though if she had never left the cats out in the first place, she wouldn’t have bags full of piss!

The cats eat each other’s food, that’s left out for them. Not only do I have to constantly pick up a bunch of bowls scattered all around the clinic, (which I’m sure isn’t very professional looking to our Clients) but our clinic cat, Buddy, gets medicated food, which the OTHER cats eat. X.x It’s not good for them all to be sharing their food anyway. What if a cat is allergic to a certain ingredient in a food? A lot of these boarding cats are on their own specific food, from home. And sharing the same food can also transmit diseases like FIV and FIP in cats, through saliva. These cats are being put in unnecessary risk, all because our manager thinks it’s “cruel” to keep them in their kennels.

Each cat also has a boarding sheet, that’s supposed to monitor how well they’re eating, and if they’re going to the bathroom okay. And I haven’t even bothered to fill out the sheets, because I can’t freakin’ well keep track of who’s doing what, when they’re all roaming about as they are! And of course, I get in trouble for not checking off the sheets.

Then near the end of the night, when it’s time to feed, medicate, and put them all away, I end up spending twenty minutes just trying to find all of these cats so that I can put them away for the night, and it takes time away from other things I should be doing. :/ Then I end up finishing late, and the other Staff makes me feel rushed to finish, because they want to go home on time. *smirks*

I can’t win. I’m actually very surprised that the owner of the hospital hasn’t mentioned anything to our manager yet, if she even knows what goes on at all. I’ve expressed my concerns with the manager already, but all she can do is laugh, and say, “Oh, I probably shouldn’t be letting them all out like this, but it’s just not fair for them to be cooped up all day!” Fine. SHE lets them out, she can damn well help me put them back in, at the VERY least! O.o

Then I also get in trouble for shit like not filling up our litter buckets. Part of my job is to replenish anything that’s getting low. Litter is one of those things, and it’s not that I haven’t noticed them getting low. It’s more like, I notice it, make a mental note that I have to refill them at some point before the end of the night. But then I get called away to do this or that, takes time away from doing my other jobs… And then by the end of the night, we’re just about to head out the door, and I realize that the litter’s not refilled, and I think, “Oh shit, I forgot! Well, I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Refilling litter is NOT a HUGE job! And certainly nothing I should have to be reamed at about! I mean, for goodness sake… with all of the times that our manager pulls me away from my jobs to do something for her, you’d think that maybe, possibly, refilling the litter during the day when I’m not there – helping ME out for a change – is asking for so very much? And she makes it out to seem like she’s the one who has to do it all the time, which is bull. Woman, I have ENOUGH work to do! I cannot keep track of EVERYTHING, every minute! I do my BEST, and all I get is bitched at for it. :(

And what makes it even worse is when she reminds me that I only work there a few hours a day, so I have no excuses. I had to say something to her then. I was like, “Excuse me? Just because I don’t work ten hours, five days a week, doesn’t mean that my job isn’t just as important as yours. I medicate, and feed, and clean up after all of the animals. I help hold animals for taking blood/giving injections/IVs/euthanasias, etc. I take and develop X-rays. I make sure that the exam rooms are clean after each use. I make sure equipment is clean. I take out garbage and recycling. I replenish things that need to be done so, like food/the disinfectant spray bottles/paper towels/litter/laundry, etc. I vacuum, and mop. I run errands when I’m asked to. I do A LOT! Sure, I only work a few hours a day, but I’m there EVERY fucking day! Seven days a week, I’m needed. I come in early when you need me to, and I stay late when you need me to. I’m practically on-call, for stupid pay, and I’ve never complained until now! So don’t you make it sound like my purpose in this business is worth nothing, because you know DAMN well that if I were to quit tomorrow, YOU would be screwed!”

She was actually afraid there for a moment that I would quit, but I told her no, and that I was just trying to make a point. They know that they need me there. And I DO like my job, but I dislike how lately she’s seemed to look for things to pester me about. I mean cripes, (and I’m not even joking) they were complaining to me for a while that the washer was too loud! I said that’s just the noise it makes when it’s on spin cycle. They had me try to put less of a load in, to see if it made a difference, but it didn’t. I was like, dude! It just makes that noise on spin cycle! What the hell do they expect me to do about it?? O_O I swear to the gods, I don’t understand the people at my work sometimes!

Anyway, that was a rather long vent, but I just had to get that off my chest. Bloody hell, I hope that things start to get better soon, before I explode at work or something. *flicks her ears in utter annoyance*
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