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Yeah... I definitely have a thing for bass players. ;) Was looking up some pics from the movie Hedwig And The Angry Inch, and they have some tasty shots of the band's bass player, and he is a total hottie. :}

Reminds me of Tyler, an old friend of mine from high school. He was the gorgeous, cross-dressing, Goth, frizzy-haired bass player of the school band, and all of the ladies just went nuts over him. I've never heard so many girls screaming the guy's name at once. During band performances at school, the competition was always between Ty and the drum player, Dan. Dan was petty cute too, and he was MEAN on those drums. O.o

foxfuzz played guitar as well. Mmmm... love a man who is musical. ^^ And I'm also nuts for 2_gryphon's music as well, even though he says he sucks, and I could boot him in the head for saying that!! His music is awesome, and it makes me happy. :)

Yeah. I'm a sucker for musical talent. *murrs and wags* ^^
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