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Update On The Crazy Neighbor Situation...

Alright, Just giving a little update on the situation from last night.

When I was coming back from work this morning, I saw the neighbor from the house two doors down from us. I asked him if the police had come to warn him and his family as well, and he said yes. I asked if he knew what exactly had happened, and all he knew was that they had come to pick up Jason. When I had looked out our front door last night, I only saw two police cruisers parked in front of our house, and one guy crouched behind the bushes with a gun. But apparently, according to our other neighbor, there were about eight other cop cars, all parked along side his end of the street as well, and they had the whole street blocked off. We also had a few more police in our backyard with guns (we found this out later, because they forgot to close our back gate, and mom let the dogs out without realizing the gate wasn’t shut, and had to retrieve them).

Anyway, he said he guessed that Jay must have had a weapon of some sort, since there were so many police officers with guns around. He said he finally saw them bring Jay our in handcuffs, and he was putting up a fight. They finally managed to shove him in a police cruiser, and then drove off, and took the rest of the household to the station for questioning.

Not exactly sure about any other details that went down, and even though I know that they took Jay away, I still have that lingering feeling of paranoia that every time I let the dogs out into the run, he’ll be there on his porch, staring at me. X.x I really hope he’s gone for good. >.<

Thanks to all of my friends who offered their well wishes! This is the most exciting/scariest thing that’s happened this close to home, that I’ve ever experienced so far! I figured it would probably happen sooner or later, though… I’m just glad it wasn’t in OUR home!

*hugs to all of her friends!*
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