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Dakota's been acting odd for the past week and a bit. He's been a lot more affectionate with me, and more of an attention whore than what is normal for him. Course he's still as mean as ever with Barkley, and I keep telling him to stop being such a bitch, and then he comes and sucks up to me like, "What Mommy? I didn't do anything."

He keeps coming up to me while I'm sitting at my computer desk and giving me this look, and I'm like, "What? Whaddaya want?" Then he noses me. "What?" Nuzzle, nuzzle, lick. "What??" Lick, lick, paws, JUMPS on my lap. "GAH!!" More nuzzles and licks, and then headbutts me in the forehead.

He's also been obsessed with his Tuggy lately, even more than Barkley's obsessed with his football. Koda never passes up a chance for a good game of Tuggy, and a lot of my friends are afraid of being too rough with him. I tell them to go nuts, cos you can lift him off the ground with that thing and he won't let go. I keep telling him no more tuggy for now, since I actually kinda hurt my wrist a couple days ago while playing with him.

So now that Mommy's too tired to play with him, he's been keeping himself amused by trying to destroy Barkley's football whenever I'm not looking. He's always been such a sneaky little bastard that way. A few months back I spent almost $200 on new dog toys, and every one that Barks decided he liked, Koda would chew to bits in a day or so. So the football is the only thing the poor dog has left, and I'm trying to save it from certain death. O.o

I wonder if this is just a phase Koda's going through, cos he never used to be the kind of "I want constant attention" dog that Barkley is. In fact one of the reasons I like him so much is because he's so laid back and really doesn't care if you pay attention to him or not; he just does his own thing and reminds you every now and then that he's the King of the house.

In other news, Coco has been a royal pain in the ass for the past few weeks, and has been screaming his head off constantly, for no apparent reason. He used to scream whenever people left the room, because he hates being ignored. But lately he's been just shrieking, even while Blue's been in the room with him all day. It's been driving Bluey nuts, and I haven't seen her so pissed off for such a long period of time. O.o I think sometime soon we may be having barbecued parrot for dinner. :-P
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