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Of Course, I Knew It All Along... Right?

So, it’s been a while since I’ve updated, I know. Not a lot to say. I’ve been working two jobs again, this past March Break and Easter Weekend, and getting very little sleep. But now I’m back to just the one job at the vet clinic, and slowly but surely getting further down my list of commissions. Okay, I overdid it. I got booked up, really fast. I should have paid more attention. But they will all be done well before AC. I want nothing left on my plate by that time.

Lesse, I’ve also been sick, and feeling really crappy for the past week. Starting to go away now. Not coughing my lungs out quite as much as I was. I’m short about $1500, due to having to lend money to my dad. As much as I kicked myself for doing it… hey, he’s family… So yeah. I won’t be making my goal for this summer. W00t. Will just have to work harder, and save more, that’s all. So no going out for a while. No needless spendings. I’ll be a little hermit wolfy for a while. Sorry to all of my friends who are wondering where I am. Don’t worry, I’m not dead yet.

On a more personal note, sorting out deep feelings is a pain in the freaking ass. :/ I know how I WANT to feel about certain things, but just don’t know how to go about it. So how fucked up is this? When you finally figure out that you’re in love with someone who you DON’T want to be in love with, because there’s just absolutely nothing there that’s even remotely possible. And the one person who you WANT to be in love with, you just can’t quite make it to, because you’re too focused on the other person who you can never have.

What the hell? >.< WHAT the bloody hell?? Why can’t I do anything right? *smirks*

…I really need a Jay Kitty right about now… I hope I’ll know where the hell I stand after he visits. I would really love to have some clarity back into my life again. >.
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