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And Yet More Dog Stuff! I Seem To Be On A Roll With This. :-P

HA!! I feel good today! :} Today, I FINALLY figured out a way to STOP Calvin from sneaking downstairs and marking his territory on the cat litter boxes, EVERY damn time I leave the house for three hours to go to work!! For the longest time, no matter what I do, no matter how many times I’ve caught and corrected him, and no matter HOW many times I’ve cleaned the area spotless, he STILL does it. And ONLY when I’m not home, because he damn well knows he’s not supposed to do it. >.< I’ve been meaning to buy a baby gate, but could never find a decently (read cheaply) priced one. X.x But I finally just got so fed up today, I looked around in the garage to see if I could find a big heavy board, or SOMETHING to block off the stairs, so that Calvin couldn’t get down there anymore. And I found this nicely sized like chicken coop gate, that folds three ways, that I forgot Taj left behind, when he had his cats in our garage.

So I was like, day-um! I brought it inside, and it fits that corner area of the stairs PERFECTLY. Calvin tried to follow me downstairs, and he stopped, with this look on his face like, “Hey! What the hell, man??” And I pointed my finger at him and LAUGHED! “HA! Try to get downstairs to pee on stuff NOW, you bitch!” Ten points for me, and zero points for the dog. >:}

Today I also scrubbed and mopped the entire floors of the house, so everything smells lemony fresh, and if I come home from work to ANY accidents today, I’m going to cry. O.o Anywho, now for updates on other doggie stuff. :} All cut again due to length.

I took Zena on the bus/subway/streetcar on Tuesday, cos I had to bring her downtown to get registered with the city. She was REALLY good! She was a bit scared and shakey at first, since it was her first time on the bus, but she got over it really quickly, and was great for the rest of the trip! She even let total strangers pet her. :} I was impressed.

I had a lot of really nice people ask me if she was part pit bull. I said she was part Shiba Inu. When we took her to the vet the previous day, the vet suggested I register her as something OTHER than a Staffie cross, just to save me some trouble. And I did try. :/ The vet was trying to convince me that her face looked more Lab, but anyone can tell she’s a Staff cross. I had five total strangers ask me in one day if she was part Staffie or Pit.

Even the woman at Animal Services, when I tried to get her registered as a Shiba Inu cross, asked to see her, and SHE asked me if she was part Staffordshire, because her face just totally gives it away. I don’t know who that vet was trying to kid. Not me, man. O.o And obviously not the woman at Animal Services. And so they put her down as a StaffordshireX anyway. >.< Oh well. Zena’s still a good girl.

We have also found a home for Skippy, though at first we had him possibly going to an Australian Shepherd rescue group. They would have treated all of his vet needs, and they would have screened him for the best possible owner. They sent a representative to look him over, because they wanted to know if Skippy was a “pure” Aussie. :/ We said we weren’t 100% sure, but how the heck can you tell what’s a “pure” breed, these days?

The woman who came to check him out was really nice, though, and she brought her digital camera, and took some pictures of him. She was really impressed with his temperament, and she thought that he looked pure Aussie, although his lack of a tattoo was rather questionable. Although when she showed the pictures to the rest of the group, they decided that he was not in fact a “pure” Aussie, and so they rejected him from their rescue group.

I’ve heard of breed specific rescues that WILL take mix breeds of their particular breed that they look for. But it just doesn’t make any sense to me why a group would reject a dog in need, just because it’s not pure blooded. >.< What the heck kind of a “rescue” group is that? They had TWO other dogs there. TWO. But I know that it’s in their right to do whatever they want. Though the woman who came to take photos of Skippy was actually really upset that they’d reject him, just because they looked at some pictures of him, and decided he wasn’t a friggin’ pedigree. So she said that she’d help us out, that she had a neighbor who may very well be interested in him. So she brought her friend over a couple of nights ago, and she absolutely fell in love with Skippy, and has decided to take him. Skippy will be going to his new home tomorrow. :)

NOW, we just need to find a home for Panda. She’s a bit of a special case for me, since a) she was part of a litter of Husky/Coyote crosses we had here five years ago. b) She was my absolute favorite of the whole litter, and if circumstances had been different then, I would have kept her. And c) she’s also Sweetie’s (Blue’s dog) sister.

All four of the sisters went to people we knew, so that we could keep in touch, and we had reunions once in a while. Everyone who owned one of these dogs said just how very special they are, and Panda’s no exception. Her owners had her for five years, before deciding to move to the country. They thought it would be great for the dog, except they just let her run wild, instead of getting her used to her new surroundings gradually. O.o She’d run off into the woods for hours, sometimes a full day. They were worried about the dangers: coyotes, other farmers with guns that could shoot her if she went onto their property, some mean guard dogs down the street, etc. They tried to pen her up, but she jumped the fence like it was nothing. She apparently killed a few of the feral cats around the barn too, although she would never harm their own house cat, Bear.

Caroline called my mom in hysterics, crying she didn’t know what to do, and they may have to put Panda down. But we said no, and that under the contract they signed with us when they first adopted her, if for whatever reason they couldn’t keep her anymore, we’d take her back. Plus Panda was my favorite!! No way was I about to let them put her to sleep! O.o So we got Panda back, but she proved to be WAY too unpredictable with the rest of the animals in our house (I don’t know when they stopped socializing her with other animals, but she’s grown VERY dominant, and aggressive with the other dogs, when she never used to be).

So I called up potoroo at the last minute, and begged him to take Panda for me, until we could find a permanent home for her. He was very understanding to my situation, and quite willing to take care of her for a little while, so I THANK him very much for saving my butt, once again. :} The night I dropped Panda off though, she was shaking, she was so scared. From being in a nice family home for five years, to suddenly being dumped off at some strange place she didn’t know must have been really hard for her. :/ But Potoroo’s roomies (Silfur, Verec, Yennix, Ferris) have been trying to work with her and are trying to make her feel a bit more comfortable. I went over there a couple nights ago to visit, and brought Panda a bunch of treats, bones, rawhides and stuff. She was REALLY happy to see me! :) I hope she’s doing better. Poor baby.

So I’ve put some posters out, and I’m hoping to hear from people, to see if anyone would like to adopt her. Any of you guys in the greater Toronto area, if you want a sweetie pie of a dog, or if you know anyone who might be interested, please let me know! I’d really like to find Panda a home with someone I know, if I can, as she IS very special to me, and I want to make sure that she finds a good home.

Anyway, that’s it for updates today. I go to work now!
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