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In Honor Of Sydney - Pass This Around To As Many People As You Can! - Jessie T. Wolf
March 3rd, 2005
09:17 pm


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In Honor Of Sydney - Pass This Around To As Many People As You Can!

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Date:March 4th, 2005 09:04 am (UTC)
After my wife and I talked about this situation, we agreed the only reason they won't divulge the location of the animal is because, if it was given, then the animal can be readopted (as well as have to argue with an irate customer on behalf of this friend).

I DO have a suggestion. Call the OSPCA (at a payphone or someplace that they won't know you at, and call to one of its retail outlets) and tell them you've always loved Huskies, and prefer to get them when they're young. You might track it down that way. If they don't know that you're out for this specific dog, but you know a lot of its traits and sound more interested in adoption (and thus giving them money) you can beat them at their own game as long as you maintain that you are not getting this man's canine back for him, or are infuriated about his situation.

Deal with a business like a business.

Then sue them. Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, you already have the dog legally, and may get the money back in court, on top of who knows what.
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