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In Honor Of Sydney - Pass This Around To As Many People As You Can!

Alright! Everyone who has inquired as to where they can get more information, or send donations to help support the case outlined in THIS Live Journal entry, may now check out Sydney's Page.

This website is dedicated to the murder of a beloved friend, and also in the determined hopes that we can get back the Husky puppy that is still being illegally held by the OSPCA. Please spread this around to everyone you know! We are trying everything in our will-power to get Lyla back, and if all legal means do not work, we may very soon go to the Media with this. There is also an online petition for people to sign if they so wish, HERE.

We are currently in the process of putting together a legal brief outlining the whole case in detail. The OSPCA is looking at a major lawsuit here, and anyone wishing to make a donation to this cause has our highest gratitude!! We are determined to get Lyla back, but we need the help of other caring people! Don't let the OSPCA win! We'll show them that they can't get away with what they've done! *firm nods*
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