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Well, Crap...

Damn. :/ I should have known it was going to happen sooner or later. But still. Damn.

And after I spent the past week taking Zena out, and getting her used to socializing with other dogs and people. She was doing REALLY well, too. >.< And now I’ll have to keep her on a permanent muzzle, whenever I take her out in public. :/

I just think that’s so terrible. I mean, I can understand if you know for a fact that your dog is aggressive, but for all the good ones out there, I would think putting muzzles on them would only turn them crazy, because they hate it! It took me AGES to just walk Zena today with her muzzle on, because she kept rubbing her face in the snow, and flipping over on her back, and refusing to get up.

I feel so sad. This means that now whenever I go to a dog park, Zena will never be able to play with the other dogs, and of course, over time, that could more than likely turn her aggressive towards other dogs. Well, I guess I’ll be keeping her for sure, after this. With all the money I’m putting into her, I may as well. Plus, now that they’re being banned, I’m guessing people will be trying to smuggle these dogs in as fast as they can. I wouldn’t trust giving Zena up to anyone, because I wouldn’t know what their motives for owning a Staffie would be, especially now. O.o

But I have to get her micro chipped, and licensed with the city sometime this week, since the new law now states that it NEEDS to be done, for anyone keeping a dog that looks even a tiny bit like a Pitt Bull breed. I need to get my boys’ yearly shots done this month anyway, so I’ll just see if my mom can help me take all three of them to the Vet’s sometime soon.

Poor Zena. >.< She’s such a good girl. She really doesn’t deserve this. :/
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