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Time To Take Action!!! >:( - Jessie T. Wolf — LiveJournal
February 28th, 2005
02:23 pm


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Time To Take Action!!! >:(

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Date:March 1st, 2005 07:14 am (UTC)
This reminds me SO MUCH of the story of the woman in Toronto who was robbed and had her Playstation and about 12 games stolen. The thief was caught, and they found out he sold the games and console system to a local Electronics Boutique. EB had already sold some of her games and a memory card, which is against their policy of holding merchandise for a mandatory 2 weeks.

The worst part is, they tried to SELL the playstation and games back to the woman. They said it was "store policy" and are trying to "rape" her for about $400, when they only bought it off the theif for about $180.

I truly and dearly hope your friend gets his remaining dog back. I am saddened by his loss, because I have held a dog when he was put to sleep and felt him die in my arms and I know exactly what it feels like to lose a friend like that.

Good luck with your mission.
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