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Back From Furry Weekend Atlanta!!!

So I’m back! I know I should have written up a con report like… last week, but I’ve been a little busy and preoccupied. A lot on my mind, oh yes. But those are things that will not be mentioned on my LJ. ;)

Nevertheless, on to my Furry Weekend Atlanta report! Hrmm, well, I did a lot of things. The entire weekend just kind of meshed into one big event in my life. I was Guest of Honor, along with Fel (he’s REALLY sweet! Had a lot of fun hanging with him, and playing Catch Phrase!). I did a couple of panels, and they went pretty well, too. Wasn’t nearly as nervous as I thought I’d be. :) I was given an FWA STAFF Jersey as a gift from the Chairman, Tigerpaw, and his wonderful staff. Thank you, guys!! ^^

I sat at a dealer’s table for a good chunk of the con, and drew lots of badges!! :} Also got quite a few new commissions. I’m done about two of like, fifteen. O.x So to those I owe commissions to, thanks for being patient with me! I met a lot of friendly new people, as well as hung out with old friends. Missed you guys!

Spent a night at Jay’s place, and was horribly late getting back to the con on Sunday. :-P Sorry for that… but at least we brought back chocolate brownies that Jay’s mom baked for us! They were good. ^^ Mmmm… I got to spend time with Mr. 2 Gryphy, and I had lots of fun with him, too. ^^ Went to a couple special GoH, and God Level members/Staff dinners. Was a lot of fun, and the food was great! We headed over to Fossil and Bonk’s place for a bit Sunday night, and that was cool! Fossil, you are Teh Rawk! ;) And finally got properly introduced to Lizardbeth. Her art is cool. ^^

I managed to talk Blue into actually drawing stuff in the Artists Ally this year and she actually SOLD a couple pieces! I knew she could! She just needed some more confidence in herself. :) I’m glad she actually really enjoyed this con, and she said she’d come back again with me next year. ^^ Apparently FWA will be held in a bigger hotel next year, and I now have a Lifetime Free Membership. :)

I really enjoyed this con, and I will definitely come back next year! Even if the flight there part scared me to death. X.x But I came away from the con very grateful and honored to have been one of their Guests of Honor, met some new friends, and also bought some new art supplies! I will be all decked out with new stuff for Anthrocon! Yay!

And now for today’s events: So, I got to see the insides of a cat today. O.o Man, this is why I could never be a vet. A cat I was helping to hold for taking blood samples from last week wasn't doing very well at all. Willie, a gray cat... he could barely walk. I knew he was going to be put down, but the doctor actually decided after he was euthanized, she was going to open up his abdomen, and see what was wrong. Because the family was just beside themselves, and they never knew 100% why they're cat was so sick. We thought it was either really bad constipation, or that he was blocked.

So she opened him up, and… yeah. He was blocked alright. X.x Turned out he had a tumor growing in his colon. Colon cancer. I'm surprised I didn't faint, watching the vet cut that cat open, and all his insides spilled out. X.x Then the Technician sewed him all back together, and I had to help bag him to go downstairs in the freezer. Then I had to clean up the mess of fluids that were left behind. :-P It was interesting to see the liver, intestines, and guts and stuff, but at the same time it was like... ew. I so could not do that as a profession. O.o

Mmmm… my job is very interesting. At least it’s educational! And the experience is good for me. :) As for my *other* job… it’s back to commissions. I’m hoping I can have them all done by the end of March, and then I’m taking a break until Anthrocon. Yep. Looking forward to it! *waggles* ^^
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