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Commissions Update!

Alright, thought I’d post another Commissions Update, for those who wanted to know where their pieces were. I haven’t been able to start any of the ones that were marked as On Hold, because I’ve been trying to get priority pieces out of the way first. But unfortunately, due to certain circumstances, and because I’m *still* waiting on some people to get back to me, I can’t move forward with commissions until I hear back from people about the ones I’m working on right now.

So, here are the pieces I’m working on right now, roughly in the order I’m doing them in:

~Jawara Pittman, your seven-series pieces are inked and ready to be colored. Just awaiting the second half of your payment before I complete them.

~Noventa, your piece is inked and ready to be colored. Just awaiting the second half of your payment, before I finish.

~*Atma, of your three pieces, one is colored, one is inked, and the third one has yet to be sketched out. Your commission is being put on hold until your payment gets here.*

~Bemanidog, yours will be done by this weekend! :)

~*SmbLion, still waiting to hear your feedback, about the two roughs for the AC’05 Dance Flyers you wanted.*

On Hold For The Time Being

(I’ll be starting rough sketches for these once I return from Furry Weekend Atlanta. So, after Valentine’s Day.)

~Exile Huscoon, I got your description! I won’t have time to get yours started until after the con, though. Sorry for the wait.

~Wedingowolf, got your description, and will start yours when I get back from the con.

~Crevan, I still need an idea from you, by February sometime. :-P *fuzzles*

~DelphiVinn, also still need a description from you, by February sometime, please. :)

~Sevlow, yours is still half done. Still trying to come up with a second pic idea. X.x

~Skandranon, I’ll get some sort of rough to you… whenever I find the time? O.o Do you want anything in specific, or just something off the top of my head? :-P

I will be accepting a *limited* amount of new commissions at Furry Weekend Atlanta, ONLY. Then I’m closing all commissions until July (except for a few people that have made previous arrangements. If I’ve already spoken with you, then fine). I’ll be spending the next couple of months after the con just finishing up what is owed to people, and then concentrating on getting original artwork done in time for Anthrocon ’05. If I end up with some extra free time, I may open up commissions again before July. If that happens, I’ll make a post here in my LJ, to let folks know. :)

Back to work! *scribbles*
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