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What Direction?

Ya know… been thinking a lot about what direction my life’s been pointing too, lately. Felt kind of stuck for a good while, then thought I had a direction. Then that changed suddenly, and I was stuck again. I seem to be happiest when I have some kind of goal to set and then look forward to completing. Though… most of my goals thus far have kind of just… stopped. X.x And so now, time to look for a new direction.

So maybe it’s not time for me to move on with my own life quite yet? Maybe I should just stay where I am, and concentrate on trying to help my mom get back on her feet first, before I worry about my own life. I have no long-term plans anymore anyway… I’m also tired about worrying over everything. >.<

Ugh. No matter what I do, I still feel trapped in some way. Still wish I could just settle down, and be happy, especially with someone to call my own again. Though for the past few months, Mr. Jay Kitty has been really good to me. Care a lot about him. And yeah, he makes me feel much happier. ^^ I really appreciate that he can put up with my silliness, and that he respects the fact that I need to take things slowly for now. Arf. Such a good, patient Kitty. <:} Will be nice to hang with him at Furry Weekend Atlanta. Also miss my Gryphy. But at least I’ll get to see him in a couple of weeks as well, and happy that I can spend Valentine’s Day with him for a bit, before I have to catch my flight back home. So much work to do for that con yet, and I still don’t even have any notes written out for my panels. O.o I gotta get cracking!! *runs around like a crazy wolfdog!*
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