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LJ Friends List Update

Just giving a heads up to people, that I've been tweaking my LJ Friends List a bit. Been finding that I really have not been keeping up with LJ at all, lately, and just will periodically check out what's going on with a few friends at a time instead. So I decided that a good chunk of the folks on my Friends list... well... most of them I don't even really know in person, honestly. O.o

Originally I wanted to keep my Friends list restricted to people I actually knew in person, people I were good friends with, or other artists I wanted to follow. But over time, I just kind of added back a bunch of the folks who added me to their list, cos I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Some of you have actually become pretty good friends, and for that I'm very grateful for. :) Still others were just kind of on there at random, so I figured it was about time I cleaned the list up just a bit.

I may still do a bit more tweaking later on, but for the most part I'm sticking with people I either know in person, or others I'm interested in getting to know; folks who are already really good friends of mine; fellow artists I admire and who's work I like to keep following. And keeping in mind that I don't tend to check up on LJ as much as I used to, if for some reason you find that you're not on my Friends list anymore, please don't take it personally. It just probably means that I either don't really know who you are that well, or I just don't follow your entries all that much anymore.

This is not meant to hurt anyone's feelings or anything. Just felt that my list was getting a bit too long and cluttered. For those out there who still want to Friend me, feel free! Although I may or may not Friend you back, right away at least.
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