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It's People Like This...

Alright, so we took in this guy’s cats, about six months ago, because he told us he was about to buy a place, and he only needed to house them for a month or two, until he got his new place. He also has like, five dogs… three of which are being housed elsewhere, and two that WERE living in his van, until we managed to find him a temporary place to live, where he could keep them with him.

So six months later, he still hasn’t found a permanent place. He’s currently living with a good friend of ours, Rita, because he had nowhere else to go. But instead of being grateful for a roof over his head, he simply takes advantage of our friend, lies through his damn teeth ALL the time… he leaves his two dogs alone for up to 10 hours in the day. They cry. They have accidents, and Rita’s offered to take them out for him while he’s gone, but he refuses to accept her help. And when he DOES let them out, they shit all over the backyard, and he doesn't clean it up. Instead, he tried to burry it under the SNOW, and even when he got caught doing it, he just blamed it on Rita’s two dogs.

The landlord there has giving him until the 15th of February to get the hell out... and my mom wants to give him until March 1st to find someplace else for his cats. The problem is, he lives in his own little reality, and he thinks that everyone is his friend. He thinks he has everything under control. He's had so many warnings from the other landlord, threats of calling Animal Control to come pick up his dogs, and threats of having the Health Department come to see the condition of his apartment. I'm sure he's not even the least bit worried about the threat of being kicked out on the 15th.

We told him we want him out, but I'm sure he'll take his sweet time with that, too, and not even bother looking for a new place until it's too late. And the part that makes things complicated is that it’s not like we can just get rid of his cats behind his back, (all seventeen of them) because if we do and he decides to call the cops on us, OUR own animals are in a shitload of trouble. >.< We can't take any legal action against him out of fear of our own animals' safety, because we have WAY beyond what's legal, ourselves.

And even though the S.P.C.A has already come to inspect our house once, and said we're fine, cos all our animals are healthy, and the house is in good shape… it’s the CITY we have to worry about. X.x If the City knew we had this many, they'd tell us to get rid of them. We don’t know many people at all who would be willing to take them if that were ever to happen. Most people just don’t really care. And because we already have a large stray cat problem here in Toronto, it means that most of them would probably just be dumped off at shelters, and be put to sleep. :/

But this guy… It’s THESE kind of people that just PISS me off! >.< People who are f*cking well irresponsible for their pets, and when all is said and done, it’s the ANIMALS who get hurt in the end! And it's not the animals' fault that their owner is a dumbass, either!

I'm really pondering on starting up a donation fund to build, or buy a cat sanctuary. My mom is too nice... and all she seems to get for it is shit. She tries so hard, she works hard, she goes out of her way to do nice things for others, and then mostly just gets taken advantage of. She’s also really struggling with bills, and even though I give her half my paycheck a month, it still isn't enough. :/ I would LOVE to just be able to buy my mom a big house somewhere away from the city, and make part of it into a Cattery. But I just don't have that kind of money. >.<

I don’t know… what do you people think? There are already so many animal charities out there. I don’t know how well me starting up a new one would go. For one thing, I’d need web space, and a way for people to be able to give donations, and I have no idea how to set up something like that! I really want to help my mom, and these animals. I just don’t know how… *flattens her ears*
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