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Why the hell is underwear so bloody expensive?? >.< My buddy Aaron took me out shopping today, and I've never really been much of a shopping kinda girl, but I really needed to pick up a few things. Like new underwear. Which was kinda amusing on its own, just seeing Aaron turning all red in the Women's section of the store and trying desperately to make himself invisible. ;)

But holy hell, undies cost a fortune! O.o And everything they had came in like, 40 sizes too big for me, with huge cups, (making it very difficult for women like me, who have no boobs, to find anything decent). And then there were the tiny bikini things, or all the fancy frilly things for like $45 each. I almost died when I saw ONE bra that cost nearly $60!

I wasn't even looking for anything special, or frilly, or fancy dancy... just plain dark colored undies. The cheapest ones they had came in packs of three, for like $16. Only problem was that they were all white, or colorful, or spotted, or striped. Yes, I know, "What does it matter what color they are? No one's going to see them anyway." But I just wanted plain dark/black, decently priced undies. I even got desperate enough to look in the Kids' section, just for the hell of it.

After checking out like 5 different stores, I finally found some decent plain black undies that came in a pack of three, for $10 each. So I got three sets of those. And then I somehow found the last three size small black bras for $10 each as well. Since I was broke from picking up other things I needed to get, Aaron was kind enough to pay for them. ^^ I think he was just happy to get out of the Women's section. :-P

I'm ALMOST done running all my errands. Picked up pet food, got my hair dye and shampoo. We browsed around some of the Halloween stuff, and the Werewolf masks just keep getting worse and worse each year. >.< I mailed off the last of my FurBid artwork today, and tomorrow Blue and I are going to the Greyhound station to pick up our bus tickets to Chicago! Weeeee! Can't wait for MFF! ^^

So yeah... I got new undies, so I'm happy. :) *wags*
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